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From the Vatican to space – BFCspace

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Obviously, the city-state in the heart of Rome will not be the launch site, but from here begins the idea and project of a small, but full of meaning, satellite, ready to be launched into space. Next June 10, from the US Vandenberg Air Force Base, on the California coast, a SpaceX rocket will launch Spee satellites. that it CubeSatthat is, a small satellite, created by Turin Polytechnic And you run itItalian Space Agencywhich will enter the orbit to deliver the message of hope and peace preserved in A nano Created by Crn, National Research Council. The project was presented on March 27 in the Vatican.

Elon Musk’s mission and rocket launch

President of the Italian Space Agency, George Saccocia He affirms that: “The Holy See has asked ASI to help him identify and implement, thanks to space technology, a solution that would allow the words of the Holy Father to transcend terrestrial boundaries and arrive from space like the many women and men of our troubled planet.” The initiative, promoted by the Communications Department of the Holy See, is linked to the Pope’s message of March 27, 2020 with Statu Orbis In Saint Peter’s Square. That prayer has become an icon of hope that continues on its journey and continues to call the people of the planet to action. To signify this joint commitment, by walking with the Pope, on Wednesday 29 May, at the end of the General Audience, the Holy Father will bless the satellite and nano Before being transported, the last pre-launch technical checks were carried out.

Network of cooperation between companies, organizations and institutions

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On the third anniversary of Statu Orbis And on the tenth anniversary of our pontificate, the Department of Communications worked with very different subjects to launch a renewed sign of hope; Starting with that first seed. Thus was born a project coordinated by the Secretary of the Religion, Mgr Lucio Adrian Ruizwhich includes Cnr, ASI, Polytechnic of Turin, Instituto para el diálogo global y la cultura del encuentro, Institute of the Salesian University of Venice (Iusve) and Digital Mission of the Diocese of Turin: “Spei Satelles” space mission.

Director Iusve, it became scarce Nicholas Giacobini He said: “Our young students and graduates were able to try their hand at developing the logo and telling the message Spee satellites. We work in our education every day through symbolic communication, which is also typical of religious language, to make the messages we wish to convey as accessible and universal as possible.”

Dean of the Polytechnic College of Turin Guido SaracoHe commented: “The programme Spee satelliteswith the design and construction of the satellite and subsequent mission control, represents an exceptional opportunity for our university, especially for our students and researchers led by Prof. Sabrina Corbino. Our youth have been able to measure themselves against a technical and scientific challenge that is not easy within a framework of values ​​that represents a decisive human and cultural challenge.”

CNR Chief Maria Chiara Carrozza He stated: “The science of what is so small today offers us a huge advance: the ability to miniaturize our knowledge by making it travel through time and space. Scientific research accompanies the human journey by identifying solutions to improve the quality of life, the well-being of society and the health of the planet. But it is also a tool for dialogue thanks to which barriers can be broken down And building hope: an especially important aspect of our moment of conflict.”

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From the book of Pope Francis

Pope book why are you afraid? I still have no faithwho carries a message Statu Orbisthanks to Cnr and in particular the activity of the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies that it coordinates Andrea Notargiacomoa nano (a small plate of silicon, 2 x 2 x 0.2 mm in size), on which the highly detailed miniature book was engraved using micro and nanofabrication techniques.

carrier rocket Falcon 9 It will bring into orbit 525 kilometers from Earth the small Italian satellite placed on the Ion Scv-011Ion platform also Italian, developed by the company extend the orbit, which performs launch and launch services into orbit. In addition to the onboard devices for operation and guidance from the ground, the satellite is also equipped with a radio transmitter. As for the time spent in orbit, when the satellite flies over that part of the earth, easily written down in text mode, the phrases from the papal catechism bearing the theme of hope and peace will be readable. The messages are in Italian, English and Spanish.

Archbishop of Turin, Bishop Robert Ripolland affirms that: “We all need hope, especially young people. Protecting hope is the mission of this satellite designed and made by young people, it is said in the motto mission of young people, and inhabited, we hope, by many young people who wish to join the Pope through the site, Thus they commit themselves to sowing hope and brotherhood where they live.”

Very original logo

The mission logo was created as part of an educational project led by Iusve students Marco Sanavio. Technical and meaningful elements, technology and narrative are harmonized together thanks to the work of the Digital Mission of the Archdiocese of Turin led by Don Luca Peron.

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The logo first refers to the initials of Spee satellites, “guardian of hope” in Latin. The letters “S”, arranged in mirror image, denote the integration of “earth” (lower semicircle) and “sky” (upper semicircle), as well as designating the satellite’s orbit around our planet. Another outer orbital trace, dotted, composed of 59 lines with the number of rosary beads, unites three shapes, to represent the three great truths present in St. The most important of the three, which refers to the presence of Christ the Redeemer, mentions both the Saint Marcello Cross and the beast containing the Blessed Sacrament with which Pope Francis blessed humanity in the empty square. The 12-pointed star, to represent the presence of the Blessed Virgin, was invoked as Salus populi Romani; The smaller triangle refers to the image of the Holy Father ascending the steps of the churchyard in the square.

Those who wish can take part in the excursion Captivity Satell And be the bearer of hope and peace by registering your name on the site

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