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Chinese missile crashes in the Indian Ocean: No harm, NASA doesn’t like it

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It happened again: uncontrolled missile The Chinese flag has fallen to the ground, endangering the world’s population. Fortunately, the effect fell intoIndian Ocean near the state of Sarawak (Malaysia). This story brings our minds back to Two years ago, when the first stage of the Long March-5B . missile was It was intentionally dropped to Earth after a space capsule was taken into orbit.

The same fate is now in Phase 1 of another example of Long March-5Bin this case, took off on July 24 to bring the unit into space Wentian to the Tiangong space station (This is the second unit who goes hand in hand with Tianhe, it will be Mengtian’s role). This is a common practice for the space agency in Beijing, which once the goal is achieved Let the stadium revolve around the Earth until it enters the atmosphere. Some of these fires burn, but the large debris remains large, putting residents at great risk.

June 06

NASA words

NASA has already talked about it through Administrator Bill Nelson:

The People’s Republic of China has not shared information about the exact route […]. All nations traveling into space should follow established best practices and do their part to share this type of information in advance in order to enable reliable predictions about potential debris impact hazards, especially for heavy vehicles such as the Long March. -5B.

Then came the official communication from NASA to warn that the danger has stopped:

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US Space Command can confirm the return of China’s Long March 5B (CZ-5B) to the Indian Ocean at approximately 10:45 AM CST (6:45 PM in Italy) on July 30. We refer to the People’s Republic of China (PRC, ed.) for more details on technical aspects of return such as potential debris dispersal and impact site.

Remember, the Long March-5B is a first-stage missile More than 30 meters long and weighs more than 22 tons. This is the third case of an uncontrolled return to land: in addition to the event of 2020 (which caused some damage to infrastructure in Ivory Coast), a similar case also occurred last year: as it is now, fortunately the wrecks ended up at sea (always in Indian Ocean).


In Malaysia there are those who thought of a light show, and there are those who also assumed the passage of meteorites. none of this: The pictures below show the wreckage of the first stage A Chinese missile passes over the city of Kuching.

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