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Insine in Toronto: How much does he earn. 11 million contract

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Important days for the future of the blue captain. A meeting between Agent Piscane and the President of Canada is scheduled for Friday or Saturday to sign the agreement. He is the highest paid employee in MLS

The beauty of red and blue. This was also discussed yesterday at the end of training at Castell Volderno in Napoli. Like the joke about the color beauty of the sweater. Try a little to understand if Lorenzo Inzine still has room to stay in Napoli. Luciano Spalletti asked the captain for the new red Toronto shirt. The coach collects them on his “football ladder” at the Montayon garden in La Rimesa, Tuscany. And Lorenzo promised to bring someone to the coach soon. And Spalti pressed him and asked if he was sure that red was more beautiful than blue.

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Insigne did not respond, but no doubt the moment he was inside was complicated. On the one hand, the money that Toronto has to offer, a lot of money, and on the other hand dollar-rich football – Major League Soccer – but technically poor, which could permanently remove him from the national team. Any case comes from the attention of his country. But Insigne remains clear about his future, and the only important offer he has received is an American one that will not last long and will be signed in the short term with the Canadian club’s top managers.


However, from Canada, there is a rumor that Toronto’s President Bill Manning has postponed his trip to Italy due to a covia disease. Now, therefore, we have to wait a few more days for a decisive meeting with the player’s agent, Vincenzo Picagen, scheduled for Friday or Saturday in Milan. After the parties had been in touch for some time – after the initial offer rejected by Insigne – Manning returned to the office and significantly increased the offer. Now there is the option to sign, and the contracts can be drawn up firmly once the final meeting has taken place.

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Mind-blowing images

They originated from the same player’s entourage. The net is said to be over 11 million euros per season, and with 4 bonuses, the annual salary will reach 15 million euros. The Fratamagior striker is now three times what he feels in Napoli. At the time of making the contracts – as there is a payroll limit in MLS – it will be understandable how this engagement will be split and whether sponsors and other factors will enter into support. Yes, because even in the rich football world such figures are never paid. Currently the “richest” is Mexican Carlos Vela, who earns more than மில்லியன் 5 million at Los Angeles FC. Third in the list – Gonzalo Higuain, Inter Miami’s newcomer – with 4.77 million euros – officialized by the same MLS each year. Even adults of the past have reached high numbers in the MLS, but not as much as those who are whispered for insignia. Ibrahimovic, Kakà, our Giovinko and Beckham have a net salary of over 6 million euros. With the exception of the English “SpyBoy” above all, it surpassed the double-digit salary of millions with advertising contracts received in the states. But the payroll was stopped by the authorities at six.

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