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Franceschini: Cinema is in crisis. Let’s review the windows. Suggestion: Wait 180 days before broadcasting

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The Ministry of Culture will work on a new “window” of time from the release of films to theaters to the time they first appear on streaming services so that they can be accessed online as well. Today must pass at least 90 days; But Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture, said: Intervened At the Quirinale before the David di Donatello Awards, “We are working on a regulatory procedure to create a window systemFor Italian state-supported films as for international productions.

According to Franceschini, “There is a real crisis that concerns cinemas, and we must support it with appropriate measures“.

Italian cinema data in 2021

In 2021, according to a Cinetel study, Italian cinema generated 169.3 million euros and 24.8 million entries. Both numbers are down compared to 2020.

The difference compared to 2019, and therefore before the pandemic, is more than 70% for both revenue and attendance. The Italian film market is the only one of the large European countries that recorded a decrease in revenue compared to 2020.

Looking at other parts of Europe, equally affected by the epidemic and restrictions in 2021, in fact there was already a sign of recovery compared to 2020, unlike Italy. In 2021, theaters in France recorded 96 million entries (+47% compared to 2020), 39.9 million in Germany and 41 million in Spain, where cinemas did not completely close in 2021.

Suggestion or offer

In an article written by Paolo Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema, and Giampaolo Letta, CEO of Medusa Film, it was reported in itemIn Corriere della Sera on April 29, which In 2022, a turnover loss of 600 million euros is expected compared to 2019.

Del Brocco and Lita
Suggest extending the period to 180 days Before films in cinemas were also available on broadcasts”At least for the next three yearsThis applies to Italian and foreign films. After three years, we can go back to 105 days.

Rai and Mediaset push to centralize movie theaters as he wrote Del Brocco and Letta’Revenue from movie distribution in theaters has always provided an important influx of resources to recover investments“.

In addition to, “The success or failure of a film in theaters has traditionally been an indispensable criterion (including economic) for the business and an essential working tool for operators in the sector (including broadcasters).“.

Cinema windows were born with the intention of making going to see a movie in the cinema more attractive, and avoiding having to wait several months to watch it.

Harry Potter, Bugs Bunny, Batman and real time under one roof. Warner Bros. Discovery was born

Go to deepen

During the pandemic and to remedy the closure of cinemas, several international films, such as Wonder Woman 1984 and Matrix: Resurrections, were simultaneously released on some streaming services; Wonderful Woman 1984 In Italy It was released live in digital on services such as Prime Video, TimVision, and Chili.

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In a more normal case, the industry wants to protect itself from a new commercial trend on the part of producers that might make going to the movies less compelling.

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