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Maria’s Choice, Plot: In Rai1 The Unknown Soldier Centenary Film

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written by Claudia Siafarella, on October 31, 2021, at TV series and movie

Maria’s Choice Predictions, Ray 1 Honors the Unknown Soldier: Movie Plot

Presented last October 24 at the Rome Film Festival, Documentary film celebrating the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Soldier It will land on Rai1 on Thursday, November 4th. Starting at 21:25, the network will broadcast, in fact, the film directed by Francesco Micci with its heroes. Cesar PucciAnd Sonia Bergamascu NS Alessio Vasallo. At the center of the plot is the animated story that tells the origin of the Unknown Soldier. Maria’s choice, that is the name of the film produced by Anele in collaboration with Rai Cinema, the Aquileia Foundation and the Luce-Cinecittà Institute, tells the story of Maria Bergamas, the mother of a missing infantryman at the beginning of World War I, who had the burden and honor of choosing the body of the Unknown Soldier from among the 11 bodies of unknown soldiers.

MARIA’S CHOICE: Sonia Bergamasco and Cesare Bocci star in the film on the centenary of the Unknown Soldier

A symbol, from November 4, 1921, for all soldiers who died and went missing during World War I, and Centenary of the Unknown Soldier It will be celebrated by Rai1 by Mary’s Choice Movie. Filmed entirely in the summer months of 2021, the documentary was shot between Aquileia and the most representative areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Director-led production Francesco MicciThen he moved to Rome. Two famous faces from Montalbano’s novels took part in the film, and also managed to count on the sponsorship of the Ministry of Defense: Sonia Bergamascu, the historical translator Livia, H Cesar Pucci, an actor best known for his masterful interpretation of Mimi Augello. Besides them, he also plays Alessio Vasallo who recently appeared in the novel Il Giovane Montalbano.

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Rai1 Honors the Unknown Soldier: On Thursday, November 4th, the film Mary’s Choice will be broadcast

retrieval, through faithful historical reconstructions and period referencesAnd The story is there Millet Ignoto, The Mary’s Choice MovieAs expected, it will be broadcast on Rai1 on Thursday 4 November starting at 21:25. A date specially chosen to honor the burial ceremony of the Unknown Soldier which took place, after 120 stops and four days of travel, in Rome on November 4, 1921.

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