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“France and Canada are on our side”

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this morning, October 10, Kiev It has been hit by drones and missiles, and officials in the capital expect more attacks. That’s to report Paul AdamsCorrespondent of BBC From the Ukrainian capital. “Some time ago, we warned that more drones and missiles were expected over Kiev,” he said. ZelenskyMeanwhile, he received an urgent call Macron. He wrote it Twitter President of Kiev. “We discussed strengthening our air defense. A strong European and international reaction is needed, as well as more pressure Russian Federation. there France stays withUkraine“, he declared.

Fifteen missiles on Lviv. Kuleba: “Canada is with us”

“Fifteen missiles hit the area Lviv. Some of them were shot down by anti-aircraft defense units. However, the airborne alert continues. Please stay in shelters,” said the head of the military administration Maxim Kositsky. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, has called for the immediate provision of more air defense systems following this morning’s attacks. In a tweet, Kuleba claims to have spoken to the Canadian protester, Melanie Joliewho assured him that he would retaliate against barbaric attacks Russia A more concrete practice would be supportiveUkraine.

Attacks in Kiev: 8 dead and 24 injured. Trains stopped running

Eight people died and 24 were injured. This is the death toll from a Russian missile attack on Kiev, according to an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister. Following the attack, 6 Cars caught fire and others 12 are damaged. Meanwhile, the movement of trains on all routes of the Kyiv Metro has been suspended following Russian attacks in the Ukrainian capital. At the same time, the city’s subway stations were converted into shelters due to the possibility of other attacks. At least two explosions followed Ivano-Frankivsk, in western Ukraine. This was reported by Ukrainian media, which explained how an explosion occurred at a thermoelectric plant in the region.

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