September 28, 2023

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In Canada, a suspect has been arrested in two murders that took place 39 years ago

In Canada, a suspect has been arrested in two murders that took place 39 years ago

In Moosonee, Ontario, Canada, He has been arrested A man was accused of killing two women 39 years ago in 1983. The police were able to identify the man thanks to some advances in DNA analysis technologies, particularly the use of Genetic inheritance, an investigative technique that combines DNA analysis and evidence-finding methods commonly used to reconstruct family trees. In recent years, this technique has made it possible to find the perpetrators of many long-unsolved murders.

The arrested man has been identified as Joseph George Sutherland, 61 years old, who is accused of murdering two women, Susan Tice (45 years old) and Erin Gilmore (22 years old), respectively. August and October 1983: They were stabbed after being raped.

The case was led by Steve Smith. Explained It took years to find Sutherland: the first major step was taken in 2000, when police understood that the two women had been killed by the same person, thanks to some analysis of DNA found at the crime scene.

In 2019, police did some cross-checking between DNA found at the crime scene and a sample they voluntarily sent to Family Tree DNA, one of the companies offering do-it-yourself DNA tests. Police were able to identify Sutherland’s family and later locate him, then reanalyze his DNA and compare it to what was found at the crime scene. The first hearing of the case will be held on December 9.

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