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Fourteen were invited to tournaments in Canada and the United States – OA Sport

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After debuting at Igls (Austria), The 2022-2023 Luge World Cup flies overseas for the second and third stages. The race will first be held in Whistler (Canada) on December 9 and 10, then it will move to Utah (USA) the following weekend (December 16-17).

Technical director Armin Jogeler has decided to bring in the following athletes for these two appointments: Dominik Fischneller, Simon Geinswaldner, Evan Nagler, Leon Felderer, Emanuel Ryder, Leon Felderer, Ludwig Ryder, Lucas Küfler, Fabian Malyer, Patrick Rastner, Emanuel Ryder, Nina Zöggeler, Sandra Oberhofer and Sandra Oberhofer. The technical personnel following the athletes will be formed by Jogeler, assisted by Kurt Brucker, Oswald Hasselreider, Juris Six, Matthias Schnitzer and John Wallnoffer.

Sledding, a trifling spoils for Italy in the Igls, in a long streak of absences

In the first stage, Italy got three podiums. In the women’s field Voetter/Oberhofer finished second in the sprint and third in the doubles, while on the men’s level Dominik Fischnaller took the third step of the podium in the men’s sprint.

Photo: LaPresse

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