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All bones and onion glass

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Many films are about to hit the cinemas in the last weekend of November: Of all the films, it will arrive Bones and everything. In addition to the first appearance on the big screen Onion glass: knivesItalian theaters are teeming with other new titles: let’s find out.

After the presentation in Competition In the 79th Venice Film Festivalthe highly anticipated hits Italian cinemas Bones and everything. New work reaffirms the partnership between Luca Guadagnino – Directed – e Timothée Chalamet In front of the camera, he first appears in the play November 23. Based on the novel down to the bone by Camille DeAngelis, he received widespread acclaim in the Lido, in fact, he got Silver Lion to direct and Marcello Mastoianni PrizeHanded over to Taylor Russell for its performance. The strange flight On the road The discovery of love, which becomes irrepressible desire and drive, also sees his crew: Mark Rylance; Michael Stullberg, David Gordon Green, Chloe Sevigny, and Jessica Harper. During the last weekend of November, the cinema will also see other new titles, including the highly anticipated blockbuster Onion glass: knives.

Movie weekend, and theatrical releases after that Bones and everything And the Onion glass: knives

behind Bones and everythingIt also made its theatrical debut on Wednesday, November 23 Glass onion: kissesthe sequel to Kill by death – take out the knives. Directed once again by Rian Johnson, the film sees an entirely revamped cast, with the exception of Daniel Craigwho plays a role again Benoit Blanc. In the movie we find: Edward Norton; Janelle Monáe; Kate Hudson; Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Ethan Hawke, and others. Also over the next weekend, the cinema will also be available Strange world – a mysterious world, 61 Disney Classic, directed by Don Hall. However, starting today, November 24, local cinemas will see the release of many more films.

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The Glass Onion Weekend Cinema: Knives
Kate Hudson in a Glass Onion: Knives Out dress (screenshot from trailer)

Directed by Alberto Gottardo and Francesca Sironi, Arrive good lucka documentary that follows the stories of four 16-year-old boys from Guru who are fishing in boats, “Born in the water”, they said on the project. Over the next weekend, horror will also hit the cinema Devil’s eyes – Satan’s preydirected by Daniel Stamm, has already “sailed” in the field of Exorcism movieAfter, after Another exorcism 2010. Cinemas will also see a fully domestic launch, which had already landed in 17th Rome Film Festivalthat’s saying California By Cinzia Bomoll. The movie marks the debut of a movie DonatellaOr singers and twin sisters Sylvia and Julia present. In addition, the cast also features Nina ZiliAnd the Ludo JinziAnd the Andrew Roncato And the Eleanor Giovanardiamong others.

Bones and everything

More titles to come

During the last weekend of November, she also hits the cinema poker faceA new movie directed and starring Russell Crowe. She also makes her stage debut Bone crusher, an entirely domestic title directed by Vicenzo Pirrotta. Finally, they will arrive starting today, November 24: Tori and LukitaWritten by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne; Three men and a ghostdirected by I Tell You; Or against GW BushBy Andreas Dresen e Voice from the choirby Johan Manca.

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