Home entertainment “Wednesday Addams,” If You’re Already Over, You Can’t Miss These Movies and TV Series

“Wednesday Addams,” If You’re Already Over, You Can’t Miss These Movies and TV Series

“Wednesday Addams,” If You’re Already Over, You Can’t Miss These Movies and TV Series

“Wednesday Addams” is the series of the moment. Airing on Netflix for only a month, it hit record-breaking ratings: but if it’s already over, here’s what you can see between the movies and TV series.

Wednesday Addams: Most Popular Series
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Gothic, dark, with investigative undertones and at the same time funny and comical. there Addams Wednesday series had been depopulated, and had become a must in terms of production Netflix. Made by talented people Tim BurtonEpisode after episode, the adventures of the school where the super students are, kept millions of spectators glued, enthralled by the narrative intrigues where the gothic atmosphere is the main thread.

The series achieved success at a record rate: Gloomy Wednesday, born of the genius cartoonist Charles Addams gave life in 1940, convinced everyone.

Played by very young Jenna Ortega He conquered the common people with his expressions as well as his unique style. for him grim look They have become an indispensable part in 2022 where the gothic trend is king. If the series caught you too, but you’ve already finished it, what can you see now?

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Addams Wednesday: If you’ve already finished the series of the moment, here’s what to watch

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If you just finished watching “Wednesday Addams” you can stay in the dark atmosphere by focusing on other productions in this sense. Among the chain possibilities “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix, a series based on the comic of the same name by Gerard Way and Gabriel Pa. The narrative focuses on the story of 43 women giving birth together and seven of these children are adopted by billionaire Reginald Hargreaves in order to create a team of superheroes with very special crime-fighting abilities.

Another possibility “a series of unfortunates” Always on Netflix: It is an adaptation of the Lemony Snicket novels that tells the story of orphans Violet, Sunny Baudelaire and Klaus.

else evergreen He is “The Mentalist”, a very successful series that aired from 2008 to 2015 starring Counselor Patrick Jane.

A platform for streaming movies and TV series among the first in the world, but it’s essential to understand what’s going on (Canva)

Another possibility is a great classic from 1993: “Dracula” Written by Bram Stoker and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, filmed 30 years ago, it is a cult unmissable for fans of gothic films.


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