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The arrival of the Bellinzona missiles “and the trajectory is not at the required level”

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An inter-party question, launched by Plr Matteo Mozzini, asking for coverage of the external question and the city’s sports center improvements

Ice hockey fans didn’t even notice, But on May 23 it was announced The formation of the Ticino Rockets – hitherto based at the Raiffeisen Arena in Biasca – continued the new look of the Bellinzona Rockets at the initiative of Hcap and Giovani discatori della Turrita (Gdt). The team that will play starting next season in the Swiss league (the old Italian league) continues its training and hockey maturing work, promising to be included in the main teams one day. All would be well, if – according to an inter-party question presented today at the Town Hall in Bellinzona – the city’s sports center should be improved from a logistical point of view to meet this and future challenges; Outdoor rink coverage has also been requested.

“lack of space”

The first signatory to the question is the municipal councilor Matthew Muzzini (blr), who has always been a great hockey fan and coach and manager of international tournaments within Gdt. “The arrival of the Swiss National Hockey League in Bellinzona – it has begun – will bring new entertainment, enthusiasm and media interest to the capital. A one-time opportunity for the Torretta hockey movement and for the sport of Bellinzona in general, which rekindles the spotlight on the constant lack of space at the current ice rink” located within the center The gym along with the indoor pool. According to Muzzini and the signatories, the time has come to complete the sports center and allow the capital to fully exploit its enormous potential. It is not just a matter of increasing supply to citizens, schools and businesses in the area but also of increasing Bellinzona’s attractiveness towards the interesting sports tourism market made up of events, competitions and training camps that can generate financial repercussions for catering. , and the hotel and commercial sectors of the city, as well as ensuring a greater income for the current management of the center itself.

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There is urgency

We remember that there is an ongoing strategic study on the sporting and logistical repositioning of the city of Bellinzona launched by the autonomous municipal body Bellinzona Sport in collaboration with Sopsi, the cantonal sports office Otter. This is where the question comes in, considering it a priority and urgency to cover the outdoor arena given the “complete and continuing lack of ice and the arrival of the National Hockey League in Bellinzona”. In this regard, it was emphasized that “despite the careful planning agreed between Bellinzona Sport, Gdt, the Skating Club and the Cantonal Sports Office, the availability of ice, changing rooms and suitable spaces for side activities (weight room, training, warm-up-to-ice, press room , etc.) is insufficient and makes it urgent to define a solution that ultimately responds to users’ needs.”

As for the outdoor arena, its usability in winter has greatly diminished over the years due to the high average temperatures and the absence of protective shading nets. An icy surface, when available (weather permitting), is often smooth and wet as well as infested with the raised sand of the nearby beach volleyball court, which is not covered during the winter. An unsustainable situation for sports clubs and schools in the area that use the sports center.” Another request is “to complete the sports center by developing a phased project that takes into account all sports, logistical and urban planning needs, including sustainability, accessibility and mobility.”

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