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Football player calls for protests. Maradona from Asia is followed by pasdaran-

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From Jaya Picardie

The former star of the national team and Bayern is being chased by Pasdaran The Khamenei regime: On social media (12 million followers on Instagram) he publishes videos of protests after the death of Masha Amini

mobs of commoners. With this accusation that the Revolutionary Guards are chasing a Middle Eastern sports legend: Muhammad Ali Karimi

Basaki, 43 years old, a former Iranian midfielder with a good record in European football (33 matches and three goals with Bayern Munich in the 2005-2007 seasons, a test with Gucci Perugia) and the former captain of Iran, in 2004 he is the fourth Iranian to win the gold medal. A ball from this part of the world and since then it has been called Maradona from Asia.
The magician in Persian.

Karimi’s grave mistake was not being afraid to enter the field on social media to support him The protests that erupted in your country since the death of Mahsa Amini, He was beaten for wearing a headscarf badly. To nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter and 12 million on InstagramAli sent messages of encouragement by posting videos of riots in the square, arrests, police beatings for morale: I am an Iranian citizen and I do not pursue any mission of my activism – he wrote -, I just want peace and prosperity for my people.

Yesterday, Sunday, for the tenth consecutive night, the Islamic Republic experienced demonstrations, The crowd in Tehran called on the head of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 83, to weep over the death of the dictator.. Karimi was one of the first public figures to blame the police for the death of Mahsa Amini because of moraleAnd invite those who follow him to believe only in the family version. Since then, the magician, who is considered a legend in Iran where football is the national sport, has revealed his truth: We have been taught that these are lies: Turks in Azerbaijan are not racist, the Rashiduns do not lack honor, and the Kurds are not. The problem of security .. lies divide us.

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Karimi also explained how to use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to bypass internet outages and share footage securely online, and called on Iran’s traditional army (Artesh) to stand by the people to avoid more unnecessary deaths (don’t let the bloodshed of innocents). Ali was not new to breaking gestures: His class is Azin iron in Tehran for refusing to fast Ramadan And during a qualifying match for the 2010 World Cup between Iran and South Korea, along with other national teams He was wearing a green scarf as a show of support for the opposition leader, Hossein Mousaviwho accused the Iranian government of fraud in the 2009 elections.

Fars News AgencyPro-government news agency calls on Pasdaran to deal with new opposition leader
, meanwhile became a coach (the last position he held, Speedrod coach, a team from Rasht, the capital of Gilan Province, rose from the bottom of the standings and brought to play the Persian Gulf League). As for the campaign against me on the Fars website and the collection of 97 thousand signatures against me, here I ask you: Is the support of the people of my land wrong? Asks Ali Karimi in the last tweet published yesterday afternoon. But now the search for the football star began. Revolutionary Guards against Maradona Asia, an asymmetric game. Don’t give up, Post: Don’t be afraid of strong women. There may come a day when they will be your only army.

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