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Football: Fireworks draw between Lemede and Mirandolezzi, and derby with G. Finale in Rivara. Novi-Concordia 0-0 – Solpanaro

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By Simone Guandalini – The Lower Modena teams participating in the Classes I, II and III tournaments returned to the field over the weekend. Below are all the results, category by category (here are the results for excellence and promotion):

First category

In the The first category, group Cthe successive streak was interrupted after three victories Solaires, who lost 3-2 at the Ruberizi Stadium and remained stuck at 10 points in the standings: goals from Di Costanzo and Saguatti were not enough. However, he continues his run at the top of the rankings (level on points with Virtus Libertas and Mason). Face San ProsperoWho beat Valcagalileo 2-0 in front of their fans thanks to goals from Ndiaye and Del Villano. In the Group FHowever, okay Ravarino, who remained at the top of the standings (third place, jointly with Galeazza), thanks to the success in the head-to-head encounter at the Pontelagoscoro stadium (1-2, goals from Pedrazzi and Sanchi). Finally, another knockout blow, the third in a row, for the national team Paul Nonantolawho were also defeated at home by Bondino and now occupy last place in the table with 4 points.

Category One, Group C, Day 7 results: Masoni – Janaceto 3-2, Guastalla Calcio – Polisportiva Virtus Correggio 2-1, Original Celtic Boys – Viadana 1-1, Boviglies – Virtus Libertas 1-4, Reggiolo – Virtus Sebino 1-0, Rubieri – Suglieri Calcio 3-2 (Afzaz (M), Di Costanzo (M), Saguatti (M), Vanacore (M), Guidetti (M), San Prospero Correggio Dino Santa Croce 3-1. Vis San Prospero – Valcagalileo 2-0 (Ndiaye, Del Villano).

Class I, Group C, Ranking: Virtus Libertas 15, Face San Prospero 15Mason 15, Guastalla 14, Janaceto 11, Dino Santa Croce 11, Original Celtic Boys 10, Ruberizzi 10, Solieri Calcio 10Boviglisi 10, Reggiolo 8, Viadana 8, San Prospero Correggio 6, Polisportiva Virtus Correggio 4, Valcagalileo 3, Virtus Seppino 3.

The first category, the sixth group, the results of the seventh day: Paul Nonantola – Bondino 2-3 (Manna (C), Verone (C), Cassone (C), Boschini (C), O Zampirolo (N)), Balca Bugis – Gallo 4-4, Santes Calcio – Argentina 2-1, Cuparo 2015 – Persiceto 85 1 -2 Fly Sant Antonio – Real Sala Bolognese 1-2 Galeazza – Ex Martiri 1-1 Pontelajoscoro – Ravarino 1-2 (Bekaku, Pedrazzi, Sanchi, Rino Molinella – Codiveum 3-0).

First category, sixth group, ranking: Sintis Calcio 17, Persiceto 85 16, Galeazza 14, Ravarino 14Real Sala Bolognese 12, Puntelajoscuro 11, Balca Bugis 10, Paul Nonantola 4.

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Second category

In the Class II group Fthe first two in the Campogalliano category continue to win and MedullaThe Modena team remains 4 points behind the leaders, who beat Capaci Union Carpi 5-1, after defeating Polisportiva Salizetta 1-0, thanks to Veronesi’s goal. But the surprise 4-4 between border And Mirandola: Leading 1-0, 3-1 and 4-3 with goals from Caviccioli, Merighi, Ambrogi and Stabile, Mirandola’s team failed to achieve its third victory in a row and had to settle for a draw: Lemedi scores for Lusvardi, who scores hat-trick, and Fortunato. 1-1 finally in a direct clash in the hot areas of the table between Solaris Modenese: Conola scored for Pomportese. In the Group H,Instead, it goes to rivara The lower Modena derby was played on the field Junior final: The Sanfelician team won 3-2 thanks to goals from Georgiević and Focsani (who scored a brace). In the junior final, a two-goal lead from the usual Komane was not enough: the final blow came after two successive victories. On the other hand, Rivara, who achieved his fifth success in the last six matches, overcame Alberonez, who lost at home to Trey Borget, to finish second in the standings. Good there Sanmartinezwho beat Crevalcour 4-3 on away goals and moved within four points of the qualifying zone: Piccini, Rossi, Marangoni and Rossi scored.

The second category, the sixth group, the results of the seventh day: Carbine 1954 – San Paolo 1-1, 4 Villa APS – Villa Doro Calcio 0-2, Campogalliano – Capaci Union Carpi 5-1, Lemedi Multipurpose Center – Mirandulez Folgore 4-4 (Caviccioli (C), 3 Lusvardi (L), Merigi (C), Ambrogi (C), Stabili (C), Fortunato (L)), Fortitudo Modena Calcio – Virtus Mandrio 2-3, Policeportiva Solares – Modenaz Calcio 1-1, Polisportiva Salicita – Medulla 0-1 (Veronese).

Second category, sixth group, ranking: Campogaliano 21, Medulla 17Virtus Mandrio 15, Villa D’Oro Calcio 14, Mirandolez Folgore 12carbine 1954 12, fortitudo modena calcio 10, LIMEDI MULTI-PURPOSE CENTER 10Capacity Union Carpi 10, Modena’s Calcio 5, Polisportiva Solaris 3Polisportiva Saliceta 3, São Paulo 2, 4 Villas APS 1.

The second category, Group H, results of the seventh day: Biancoblo Rayo Granamica – Iron 83 4-2, Alberonese – Trey Bourget 1-2, Bevilacqua – Rainbow Granarolo 2-2, Crevalcor – SanMartinez 3-4 (Cavani (C), Piccini (S), Rossi (S), Marangoni (S), Okpa (C), Cavani (C), Rossi (S)), Junior final – Rivara 2-3 (Komane (D), Georgiević (M), Komane (D), 2 Focsani (M)), Libertasargil Vegorbiev – Vono 1-2, XII Morelli – Gaggio 2-1.

The second category, Group H, ranking: Phono 21, rivara 16Alberonese 15, Biancoblo Rayo Granarolo 13, Crevalcour 12, Sinmartinism 9rainbow granarolo 8, Junior final 8Libertasargile Vigorpieve 7, XII Morelli 7, Tre Borgate 6, Bevilacqua 5, Gaggio 4, Airone 83 3.

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Third category

In the The second group (Modena), the third categoryThe Lower Modena derby ends in a goalless draw between the two teams Novas And Concord: The team of Novi di Modena, therefore, sees itself superior in the standings in second place by Cermed, victorious over Polisportiva Cognentese. there Poseides He wins 2-1 Baraka Beach Away early Saturday afternoon: Golinelli’s brace decides the game, an own goal reopens the match at 1-0.

The third category, Group B (Modena), results of the seventh day: Policeportiva Manzolino – San Vito 3-3. Baraka Beach – Bosedisi 1-2 (2 Golinelli (A), own goal (B), Circolo Renacetta – Cortalis 1-2, Novice – Concordia Calcio 0-0, Polisportiva Cognines – Cermed 2-3, Polisportiva Union 81 – Munari Nasi 0-2. 5PM: San Francisco Smile – Union SG Sozzigalli.

The third category, Group B (Modena), standings: Munari Nasi 18, Ceramide 16, Novi 15, san Vito 14, Concordia Calcio 11Polisportiva Union 81 11, Cortelles 9, San Francisco Smile 8*, Al Busaidi 8, Baraka Beach 7Policeportiva Cogniantes 6, Circulo Renascetta 4, Policeportiva Manzolino 3, Union SG Suzigali 1*. *One less game

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