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Football Championship Promotion – Nice victory for JCP against Castellazzo

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Castellazzo-JCP-1-4 (40′ Bouchefra, 58′ Vedovato, 68′ Torrau, 85′ Di Santo, 90′ + 2′ Boarino)

Castellazzo in US dollars: Benabid El, Ibn Abid Ilah, (cap) (Hamsi from 14’s. Viscomi, Mattei (Morettini from 14’s.t.), Di Santo, Cimino Fe., Majdoul. Available: Brollo, Cimino Fr., Alb , Bronchi, Gaga Everyone: Molina.

JCP: Spatafora, Albino, Bouchefra, Viazzi (Cap.), Dondi, Sala (Boarino from 43’s.t.), Bianco (El Atlassi from 18’s.t.), Torrau, Zichittella (Siragusa from 18’s.t.), Amin (Roccia from 45’s.t.), Vedovato (Buso from 22’s.t.). Available: Gamarino, Vallin, Bettini, and Battista. All: Bellingeri-Merlo.

Referee: Paladino Espedito (Torino).
Assistants: Stoicescu Marian Eric, Hamadache Ayoub (Turin)
Halftime: USD Castellazzo-JCP-0-1
Corner: USD Castellazzo-JCP-6-6
Yellow cards: USD Castellazzo-JCP-0-1 (Siragusa 25’s.t.)
Parcels: $Castellazzo-JCP-1-0 (scheduled 35’s.t.)

Moved to Castellazzo Bormida for the Bellingeri-trained JCP. On the afternoon of Sunday, March 19, two teams in the best form at the moment faced each other. The hosts, who came back from seven consecutive league victories, swept through the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia during the week, entering plenty of the Fantastic Four (with Lascaris, Poli Bellinzago and Peñarzoll), who will play for the national cup. Castellazzo is on the field with Lahcen, Al Hassan Benobeid, Randazzo, Collay, Ventre, Hermosade, Viscomi, Mattei, Di Santo, Federico Cimino and Mejdoul. The visitors responded with an organized 4-3-1-2 formation, with Spatafora in goal. Albino, Fiazzi, Dondi, Bouchafra in defense; Bianco, Torao, Sala in midfield; Amin is an attacking midfielder behind Zichetella and Vidovato. Ben Obaid, from a throw-in on the right, makes himself dangerous on two occasions. In the eighth minute, Albino commits a handball on the edge of his own area and Viscomi tries to repeat the feat he achieved four days earlier in the Coppa Italia. A dry, accurate right foot that hits the bottom of the crossbar and bounces off the line. Host defense unleashed and defeat the threat. Junior is slowly taking over the midfield. Sala, Bianco, and Torrau win duels and Amin is free to invent points. The novice playmaker enters the area from the left and after a quick exchange with Fedovato, he tightly engages the opposing goalkeeper. Benobeid was also decisive in the 19th minute when he made an avalanche on Amine, who released him with a touch from Fedovato.

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From the corner, Bellingeri’s team is dangerous with Sala and in the 25th minute Diagonal Amin swoops in just a few feet from the post. JCP’s growth continues unabated. Fedovato, in the 27th minute, makes a cross that Torao pounces on. The former Pro Vercelli misses the effect by a few centimeters. Ben Obaid fired a free kick from Amine (29 minutes) and Castellazo improved between 30 and 31 minutes. A cross from the left and Cimino devoured the opening goal into the empty net. Then it is Spatafora who closes the mirror in an attempt to mate. The youngster undoubtedly played better in this first half and the lead came in the 40th minute. Sala kicked from the corner flag and into the small area the home defense could not release it. The smartest of all is Bouchafra, who hit the back of the net. The race to the bench (in particular towards Sergio Merlo) is liberating for the former Varzi defender. The convenience advantage is due. The second half begins with no changes for either side. Casale plays with character and occupies all areas of the field in order. Castellazzo can’t manage the slightest reaction and the stopwatch is the enemy of bianco-granata, who also have 90 minutes of the trophy in their legs. At 13 o’clock, JCP struck the knockout blow. All the excitement of the first time with amine rewards vidovato pieces. A Qatari shot for what is the most beautiful goal of the Yellow, Red and Blue Championship. Mr. Molina puts his hand on the bench, introducing my lawyer (not in his best form) and Moretini. Bellingeri responds with El Atlassi experience and the sporty freshness of the Siragusa. Torrau is in the “Twins” version and really becomes a Kantè-style performer. A right-footed shot from a height of 18 meters touched the post with Bin Obaid motionless. Nicola by Randazzo, Buso by Vedovato (22 minutes) and the newcomer is the protagonist of the action from Three to Zero. From Amen to Syracuse, which opens to Pousso on the right. The season of 2004 unloads Torrau who puts the ball just next to the right post (23′). It’s a well-deserved award for his afternoon as MVP. Fracchia for Kolaj at 24′ and a yellow card for Siragusa at 25′. Disciplinary action also for Castlazo, who remained in the 10th minute after repeated protests from Mejdoul in the 35th minute.

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The owners assaulted and after the referee refused a penalty kick, one of them was awarded for a foul by Fiazzi on Di Santo. The striker immediately appears and refuses Spatafora, asserting himself as an echo of the penalty kick. In the event of a challenge, Di Santo hurries to touch the ball on goal: 1-3. With Castellazzo on the 10th, everyone immersed in the attack, JCP has space to counterattack. In the 42nd minute, Amin opens in front of Bosso, who sets the table for Siragusa. Ben Abeid’s timely exit prevented the seventh seal for the striker born in 2003. Boarino to Sala in the 43rd minute and a double chance with the white bomb in the 44th minute. A header block by Cimino and a deflection over the bar by the reactive Spatafora (and very good). The young goalkeeper repeats himself on my Mahamasi in the same way. Rock to Amin when the 90th minute hits and the referee allocates 5 minutes to recover. At the 47th minute, JCP drops poker. A counterattack by Torrau who makes it 50 meters down the field before Boarino’s serve. The former ValeMado runs back towards the middle and flails his unstoppable right foot under the crossbar. The last chance came from Castellazzo, and Mohamed Hamsi’s 49th-minute shot from the crossbar confirmed that the day wasn’t quite the day. Junior Mr. Pellingeri scores points against Castellazzo, one of the strongest and best-equipped teams in the group. Today’s victory is as beautiful as it is clear and comes at the end of a stratospheric performance. There are no other qualities to this extraordinary group of men.

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Results twenty-fifth day: Javez-Asca AL-3-2 Arquatese-Pozomaina-0-0 Castellazzo-JCB-1-4 PastorFrigor-Peppe Viola Calcio-5-0 Atlético Torino-Velizano-1-0 Calcio Novesi-San Giacomo Cherry-2 -0 Trofarelo-Ovadis-2-3 Valenzana Madu-Paris Saint-Germain-0-0

classification: Valenzana Madu 58, Pastorfrigorstai 54, Atletico Torino 47, Ovadez 45, Castellazzo 43, JCB 37, Paris Saint-Germain, Gavis 36, Novez 35, Arquatis 29, Trovarello 27, Velizano 24, Pozumina 23, Asca L 22, San Giacomo 19, Baby Viola 18.

Next round (2023-03-26): Asca AL-Arquatese (1-1); Beppe Viola Calcio-Calcio Novese (0-3); JCP-Pastorfrigor (0-2); Felizano Castellazzo (0-2); Ovadisi – Atletico Turin (2-1); San Giacomo Cherry – Javis (0-2); Paris Saint-Germain – Trovarello (1-0); Botsumaina – Valenzana Madu (0-3).

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