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Football A 5 – Sporting Vinafro, Bianconeri in Group F of Serie A with the bells, from Abruzzo and Lazio.

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venafro – Enlistment in Group F of the Second Division. This is what the board of directors of the five-a-side football division decided.

Inclusion in Collection F of Serie B. This is what Five-a-side football division board Which discussed, on Thursday afternoon, all aspects of new season. Specifically, in the cadetteria of Futsal – In what will be one Record season with 236 clubs At first Between masculine and feminine In the National Championships – they will be 106 teams entered into eight groupswho are you from? Thirteen (Such as those containing pentagons Mr. Rizzo) And the Two of fourteen.

Which opponents will Venafrans find? Two teams from Lazio (Frosinone C5 and Fort Colevero), Five of Abruzzo (Academy of Pescara, Futsal Silano, Real Diem, Sulmona Futsal and Tumbisti Ortona) And a lot of Campania (Kasajoff, Junior Domitia, Napoli Baresi, Leonie Akira and Virtus Libra Forio).

With us – President Gianluca Primavera explains – We will find two teams that were last season in A2 And who would like to return to the second national championship and three others recently promoted to Napoli Baresi, Casagov and Virtus Libra Forio, champions of a beautiful market and determined to give their best, and so are we, after all, who are going to try to say our word for the jump in the category, thanks to the staff that has been put together. Nothing is taken for granted and all opponents will be formidable, but we are ready to fight to the end to hit the target.”

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From a logistical point of view, however, This season will know the Bianconeriafter many years of Adriatic coastand the Tyrrhenian coast.

“Logistically speaking, at least six of twelve trips From the tournament logistically convenient. In addition to Molise There will be three more regions that are interested in a really important context.”

As in the last two tournaments, there will also be an individual team in this cycle: “A situation that, as an athlete, is not the best because, during the season, it forces you to two stops which can be useful sometimes when there are problems to deal with and in other extreme conditions when you are in a straight line, but now we are used to it, and realizing that we That all competitors are in the same situation, we worked exactly from this point of view on the overall construction of the group and the seasonal cycle ».

For Venafrans, in light of the Division Cup scheduled for September 10will start work on Monday the 22nd. “And we will do it – says Primavera – with a lot of energy and endless determination.”


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