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Hugh Jackman reveals how playing Wolverine damaged his body. Here are his words

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Hugh Jackman He spent more than two decades of his career playing the franchise’s Wolverine X-Men. As we know, the Australian star has always strived to live up to the character through his extravagant years Increased physical effort to maintain physique du rôle.

However, the chance to be able to play the most beloved mutant for so long seems to have paid off as it has caused quite a few casting spells. Severe damage to the vocal cords. In a recent interview, Jackman broke his silence on the problem he’s been plaguing for a while by declaring the following:

Playing Wolverine hurt my voice. My lying voice was not as loud as before, and I would go straight to growling and screaming. My singing teacher is from drama school He will be terrified To hear some of the things you’ve done.

Jackman then went into more detail explaining why this is so such damage:

At school we were taught a technique of how to scream and scream without spoiling the sound. However, while I was Wolverine, I did some yelling and other things that I think hurt my voice. I am working on it. I work with a singing teacher and try not to hurt myself. She put a lot of effort into both the physical movement and vocal preparation for each role.

Fortunately, the Australian star is taking damage control steps ahead of her pace Back as a mutant With adamantium claws. Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the highly anticipated sequel Deadpool 3 Who will finally join him with the mercenary with a mouth, played once again by Ryan Reynolds. For now, the plot of the movie is still kept under wraps. However, we do know that this will mark his official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a long-awaited turning point that should also be confirmed by the rumored presence in the cast. Owen Wilsonthe former translator of TVA Mobius Agent in the series dedicated to Loki.

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The movie is directed by Shawn Levy While the text will be edited by Ryan ReynoldsRhett Reese, Wendy Molyneux, Paul Wernick, and Lizzy Molyneux. At the moment, the confirmed names of the cast are who Ryan ReynoldsAnd Hugh Jackman And Leslie Ujams Again in the name of Al.

deadsfirst 3 It is expected in theaters forNovember 8, 2024.

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