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“A third movie? Love that, as long as…”

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in 2018 Chloe Grace Moretz said she finished Hit-Girl NS kick assBut the actress seems to have changed her mind now. The girl revealed that she would gladly return for a new movie, but on one condition.

Ospite al Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, forTom and Jerry actress Hugo Cabret Chloe Grace Moretz It actually opened up the possibility of a third movie in the action saga directed by Matthew Foe when the host tried to get answers to some rumors on the web.

There is a rumor that Kick-Ass 3 is in the works…Jimmy Fallon started.

I would really like to make a third Kick-Ass movie. I think that It would be really fun to see Hit-Girl as an adultHow did his life become?Clarify that they are in fact just baseless rumors (or that if they aren’t, she certainly can’t say anything about them)Ma It must be perfect. It has to be approved across the board, and that means Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Mintz Place, and the rest of the crew must all return.“.

But yeah, sure, I would, for sure it would be fun“Concluding Then, Jimmy Fallon Responds”Ah, cool, I’ll start writing it“And Moritz who replies”Well, it might be you kick ass this time…but don’t tell Aaron!“.

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