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HJT solar cells, LONGi break their own record in 3 days

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The Chinese manufacturer raises the efficiency of heterogeneous silicon photovoltaic cells to 26.30%. The highest value achieved in the world


What are HJT solar cells?

( – Only three days and the world record for HJT . solar cells, accessed October 26, is already outdated. To overcome them, however, is the same as the first creator. Let’s talk about the Chinese company Longy This, in a constant race to improve its products, stands Constellation of 2021 with the first.

The group’s researchers were able to go from a conversion efficiency of 25.82 percent to one of 26.30 percent in just a few days. The technology involved is that Heterogeneous silicon photovoltaic or HJT. It is a special PN junction, which combines two different solutions into one unit: one monocrystalline silicon cell included between Two thin films of amorphous silicon. This combination ensures greater energy harvest and better functionality of the duplex units. Plus, it boasts fewer stages in the production process than traditional solar cells.

Longi’s new conversion value also represents the world’s highest efficiency of a solar cell Front-back contact (FBC). As with the previous standard, the record was validated by independent tests from the Institut für Solarenergieforschung (ISFH) in Germany.

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“The Filling Agent FF (The ratio between the maximum output power and the ideal power) […] It crossed the 86% threshold, and reached 86.59%.”Explain the company. “The world’s highest level of silicon cells. A new process developed by our R&D team can effectively reduce the contact resistance of the interface, so as to improve the contact factor and increase the cell current density”. The last value touched is 40.49 mA/cm².

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Compared to the previous HJT solar cells, the new modules have some improvements. The microcrystalline N window layer is optimized to increase the current density further, with a new inner layer structure developed to improve passivation performance and increase Voc (open circuit voltage) up to 2mV. The LONGi team has also implemented some Indium-free transparent conductive oxides.

“From 25.26% to 25.82% to the latest 26.30%. LONGi has now achieved the rare feat of setting world records in the efficiency of HJT solar cells three times in six months.”

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