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At the beginning “Meteo Spazio” with Ricardo Crisci and Linda Raimundo

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The new meteorological horizon is “Meteo Space,” the first TV show that every week explains to children, the curious, and the broad-minded what the weather is like in the solar system. “Meteo Spazio”, the new program by Rai Ragazzi and Rai Pubblica Utilità, airing from Tuesday 18 January, at 4.40 pm on Rai Gulp and RaiPlay, is an absolute novelty in the field of children’s science publishing. An interest that is not only academic, since phenomena such as the solar wind also affect our daily lives. Every Tuesday, Riccardo Crisci will tell about what is happening on the sun and on other planets, and he will discuss with young expert Linda Raimondo topics related to astronomy, the planet Earth, the solar system and all modern scientific discoveries in simple and clear language.
A new collaboration between Rai Ragazzi and Rai Pubblica Utilità, with an unprecedented viewpoint, to stimulate children’s curiosity towards science and imagination. For the science part, Rai Meteo uses the skills that Aeronautica Militare, a co-founder, has in space weather. Aeronautica Militare personnel will intervene in each episode to explain in detail the interesting and scientific aspects of space meteorology with special reference to space weather, a capability developed within the Meteorological Service, which deals with the systematic observation of the sun and space. The solar system, in order to get acquainted with its current state, to study short-term behaviors and developments and to allow timely identification of technological disturbances and radiation hazards due to electromagnetic disturbances and influx of particles of solar origin.
Riccardo Cresci already hosts the award-winning “Green Meteo” program every Friday at Rai Gulp, which brings together weather forecasts, the environment and sustainability, while Linda Raimondo, a young physics student and aspiring astronaut, is now a well-known face of Rai spreading science fanfare on space . “Meteo Space” will be a combination of science, space technology, color images, passion and enthusiasm. During each meeting there will be links with young scientists.
“Meteo Space” is a program written by Claudia Adamo and directed by Francesco Maltarello.

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