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Flights canceled due to Omicron variant: what’s going on

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Thousands of flights canceled Because varante Omicron Around the world at Christmas.

Huge number of flights canceled due to Corona virus disease Quarantine for workers on board and on the ground. This further inconveniences travelers: not only worry about the variables, you make sure you have a valid green pass, but there is a serious risk of not getting on that much-coveted plane, due to a lack of staff. me at least 5,600 flights canceled around the world, according to the data I provided Flywirespecialized site. But what are files? Risks long term of varante OmicronWhich spreads faster and faster?

Cancellations of flights due to Covid: What is happening in the world?

me at least 5600 commercial flights which was Deleted Under Christmas, at least Ten thousand more accumulated greatly Delay, causing serious inconvenience to tens of thousands of passengers. Customers who have had to abandon their plane, or who have arrived late for business or family reunions.

This is what emerges from the data issued by the specialized site Flywire, as cited by the agency Reuters. Note that over a quarter of these cancellations relate to United States of Americabetween internal and international communications. Desire to study the data closely:

  • at most 2401 flights she was Deleted day of Christmas Eve;
  • behind – on the other side 1.800 a birthday. who are they 800 The flights were towards United States of America;
  • 400 Flights have been canceled for Sunday, December 26th;
  • Chinese Airlines Instead cancelled 264 trips, a quarter of those he set for a day birthday.
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Flights canceled due to Omicron variable: data

The virus works faster and faster and varante Omicron It frightens all countries, including Italy, that have crossed the first critical threshold in intensive care. is being

Precisely because of the new variant that many flights have been canceled, due to positive cases and precautionary quarantine.

In the United States of America, at least three-quarters of the new infections are caused by the Omicron variant, which contains 32 mutations in the Spike protein. On the East Coast, the percentage goes up to 90%. The airlines most affected by the consequences of this alternative were the airline delta, the United Airlines and the American Airlines.

Not only. in a Great Britain Many production chains and many transportation networks are affected by the shortage of workers, many of whom are currently in quarantine. According to the estimates provided by Corriere della Sera: One in 20 Londoners, last week, had coronavirus; However, the ratio could rise to 1 in 10 early next week. In addition, record data on injuries is being recorded in other countries such as Italy, where Draghi launched a new one Festive Ordinance, which is trying to prevent a possible outbreak of the disease during the holiday period.

Canceled flights: What are the risks of the Omicron variant?

As mentioned earlier, it was Variable spread Omicron from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There were many companies that overnight found themselves forced to face isolation forty From crew or ground operations.

Although the first data aboutOmicron They face a lower risk of contracting the virus, even if you do not overburden health systems impact will be anyway huge. In fact, if the risk decreases, on the other hand it increases virus infection. If intensive care is not banned, at least where the proportion of the vaccinated population is high, the Quarantine problem. Because of this, many labor and transportation networks are facing an increasing number of isolated workers, with already known consequences, such as Thousands of canceled flights.

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