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Audi RS, emissions a problem in Canada – Auto World

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New regulations restricting emissions from new cars in Canada have put Audi in serious trouble. The four-ring car manufacturer was actually forced to recall new ones from the Canadian market TT RS ed RS 3 Due to the excessive emissions produced by the powerful engine Five cylinders Hidden under the hood: The German company announced its decision by internal reference to its dealers, following which two “crime” models were removed from Audi’s Canadian website.

“Due to specific changes in the new vehicle registration law in the Canadian market it is no longer possible for Audi Canada to offer a 5 cylinder engine. – Reads Audi Note Announced by Carscoops – As a result, we’re sorry to inform you of Audi Canada and its dealer network They can no longer be marketed and sold Due to the inability of the RS 3 and TT RS models to meet certain technical requirements in the local market ”. As for the TT RS, Audi has already announced that it has removed the model from its order wizard and will cancel orders already received in the coming weeks, and the RS 3 product track will continue for the LMS category only. To make up for the market recall of these two models, it has been revealed that a four-ring house will be built. Specific customer care package And increase productivity of other Audi Sport models.

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