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No-Vox opponents target Trudeau with stones –

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From Sarah Kandolfi

Insult and harassment against the Liberal Prime Minister who was forced to cancel the rallies. Severe attack on conservative opponent: he will say anything to be elected

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was pelted with a few stones as he drove to his bus from No-Vaux, London, Ontario on Monday, in the middle of the election campaign. Trudeau initially underestimated this incident – It’s a little gravel, nothing serious – a week ago he was forced to cancel an election rally, after a crowd of protesters threatened his security. We will not allow these people to dictate how the country should overcome the epidemic, the Liberal leader later declared The anti-Wax crowd did not respect basic science and basic dignity Canadians expect each other. It is completely unacceptable for people to throw objects during a political demonstration and endanger others. He then added a grunt against the American “neighbors”: Canadians are convinced and proud that we, not the United States, can walk the streets without fear of being attacked by a prime minister or candidate.

With elections set for September 20, vaccination has become a major issue. The government announced last month that all civil servants, including workers in federal regulated industries such as the railways, must be vaccinated by the end of October or risk losing their jobs. Passengers traveling on commercial flights, ships and trains between provinces must also be vaccinated to travel. The No-Vox movement is not just aimed at the first. A Liberal candidate from Calgary, Alberta, said two of his volunteers were attacked when he knocked on a door on Sunday. There is a real and growing concern about how this violence is being organized, Far-right movements are afraid to interfere with anti-Vox movements, said Stephanie Carwin, national security expert at Carleton University in Ottawa.

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Trudeau, 49, held early elections in mid-August in hopes of gaining a majority government. For his center-left Liberal Party. In fact, the Liberals are coming face to face with conservative opponents in the polls today. Prime Minister Erin O’Dowell on Monday slammed Conservative leader Erin O’Toole for opposing the demand for a vaccine – Say anything to try to be elected: this is not leadership, this is not unity – and defines No-Vox as a mob, which can be translated as “angry mob” but also “mob of criminals”. For his part, O’Toole declined to say how many of his candidates have not yet been vaccinated. When it comes to vaccines, we try to encourage, inform, and work with people, but we value their personal health outcomes, O’Dowl said.

About 74% of eligible Canadians are fully vaccinated, But a fourth wave of corona virus infection is currently underway, mainly among those who have not been vaccinated.

September 8, 2021 (September 8, 2021 change | 19:06)

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