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Tencent still outperforms Sony and Microsoft, the No. 1 video game company by revenue –

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From the last financial meeting of Tencent It turns out, without much surprise, that the Chinese giant is still there The number one company in terms of revenue in the video game worldThus, it overcomes the well-known competitors Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in that order.

According to market analyst Daniel Ahmed, Tencent’s total revenue in 2021 was $32.38 billionby 9.9% over the previous year, driven by growth in the mobile and overseas markets.

In particular, some of the key elements to this success are PUBG Mobile, Valorant, Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans, confirming that they are true giants in the video game market, both among mobile devices and beyond, doing very well both in Asia and the rest of the world. Globalism.

This leads Tencent to remain the number one company right now in terms of revenue from video games, and it’s not surprising if you consider the scale that the Chinese giant has reached in recent years. Below are Sony with $24.87 billion in 2021 revenue, Microsoft with $16.28 billion, and Nintendo with $15.3 billion.

But the latter tops the trio in terms of operating revenues with 5.4 billion dollars, surpassing Sony with 2.63 billion, while Microsoft did not specify this number for the video games sector.

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