December 6, 2023

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In Dorion looks forward to spring with Canada Day

In Dorion looks forward to spring with Canada Day

Harris Eisenstadt

On Sunday, March 20 (9pm) Jazz Club Ferrara looks forward to another spring Main concert. The guest of the evening was Canada Day, a quartet led by Canadian drummer Harris Eisenstadt.

Eisenstadt speaks the language of contemporary jazz perfectly, where the clear and concise writing, expressed at intricate polyrhythmic counterpoints, opens the background to singles’ improvements. The drummer sits in the control room of a prestigious group and has been sitting together for years on very different versions of the Canada Day program, including the quartet formula Without piano This is only the latest, most intriguing, revelation.

He is accompanied by Nate Woolley on trumpet, Matt Bader on tennis socks and Pascal Nickenkember on double bass. Harris Eisenstadt is one of the most experienced drummer-composers. He has directed several bands (September Trio, Woodblock Prints, The Soul and Gone, Golden State, etc …), but Canada Day is one of the longest running, and it allows his jazz page to be more fully revealed. Born in Toronto in 1975, he has played around the world as a leader and drummer. He has received commissions from various organizations (American Composers Forum, Canada Council for the Arts, Visit Composer), author and author.

He has played with Leo Smith, Butch Morris, Nate Rothenberg, Adam Rudolph and Ellery Eskelin. He has worked in West Africa, in Wolof and Mandinga music, and in Cuba, in association with Madonna’s bands.

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