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Finland will join NATO “without delay” –

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from Claudio Del Frit

Joint declaration by Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Head of State Sauli Niinistö. Since 1948 the country has been “non-aligned” and has a “non-belligerent” treaty with Moscow. The two buildings will have a direct boundary of more than 1,500 km

Finland breaks the delay And on Sunday, he will officially order him Join NATO. first Minister Sana Marine
and head of state Soleil
Ninistö Release one today joint announcement That formalize the decision is already in the air for some time and that the conflict in Ukraine Great acceleration. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that membership would be swift while for the Kremlin the move represented a “threat to Moscow” and announced “military countermeasures”. In Sweden, the media announced that the government Stockholm will submit a similar request on Monday.

It’s one for Finland Historic turning point why like this Helsinki breaks with the neutrality that has characterized its foreign policy
Since the end of World War II and why this way NATO and Russia find themselves sharing a very broad direct border for the first time.

Finland must apply forJoin NATO without delayNiinisto and Marin wrote in the note. The statement added that “during this spring, an important discussion took place about the possibility of Finland joining NATO,” stressing that “it took some time.” Let Parliament and society at large take a stand on this issue. Time was needed to establish close international contacts with NATO and its member states, as well as with Sweden. We wanted to give the discussion the necessary space. Membership in NATO will enhance Finland’s security.”

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In a few months favorable ratio When joining the covenant is Jump to Scandinavia to 70%. A year ago the number was just over 20.

More clear about the reason for this acceleration Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka HaavistoRussia’s unexpected behavior is a big problem. Russia is ready to carry out operations that are high risk Also to us and who will also bring us a large number of victims.” He said at a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

Russia does not respect the rules of warWe have seen many cases where war crimes have been committed or the Geneva Convention has been violated. He stressed that it is very important that these cases are investigated.

Helsinki can offer an active force of 230,000 soldiers and 900,000 reservistsAccording to the data of the Ministry of Defense. Relations with NATO have been going on for some time, and Finland has repeatedly participated in joint exercises.

But the decision from the political point of view is still of great importance: Finland has always embodied The ‘unaligned’ state model. As of 1949, he decided not to join NATO and at the same time subscribe to a file Treaty of friendship with the then USSR In order to stay out of any armed conflict. Agreement with the Kremlin iHe issued express instructions to Helsinki to lend its territory for military operations Revolutions against Russia.

A similar path to NATO was announced – for the same geopolitical reasons – From Sweden, another historically neutral country. On the day Finland is officially welcomed into NATO, the Atlantic bloc and Russia will meet Close contact like never before in history. Indeed, the borders between the two countries are procedures 1340 km. Currently, the two blocks only share a boundary of 210 kilometers, that boundary Between Poland and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and another about 400 km Latvia and Estonia.

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official entrance From new members (applications from Helsinki and Stockholm will likely be considered jointly) won’t be instant: The timeline includes a Summit of all member states in Brussels and then Ratification of all 30 parliaments of the countries that make up the alliance. The last country to complete this process was North Macedonia in 2019. The former Soviet Baltic republics arrived there in 2004, and Ukraine applied in 2008.

Meanwhile they are praying yes first Sanna Marin and Sauli Niinisto’s request: Take sides with my government Denmark and Estonia While he was also President of the European Council Charles Michel He talks about a “historic step for the security of the European Union”. On the contrary, “Finland’s accession to NATO represents A threat to Russia This will not help the stability and security of Europe, a Kremlin spokesman said Dmitriy Peskov .

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