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Charles Leclerc’s masterpiece by winning the Austrian Grand Prix. 19 years after Schumacher, Ferrari won. Verstappen 2nd, Sainz ko

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The great Charles Leclerc surpasses Max Verstappen and makes his own Austrian Grand Prix In Spielberg, on the circuit owned by Red Bull. Maranello had twice disappeared due to the breakdown in Carlos Sainz’s car, just as the Spaniard was attacking the Dutchman’s second place, and the last thrill due to a problem with the Monaco accelerator, who managed the situation superbly and wonderfully. Lewis Hamilton takes the third step of the podium, ahead of the other Russell-led Mercedes. Excellent 6 Mick Schumacher, return from last to tenth place for Fernando Alonso. The retirement of the second Red Bull team for Sergio Perez.

Ferrari, decisive tyres

Self Saturday in Sprint Verstappen was able to better manage the RB18’s ability to warm up the tires quickly, on the other hand, it was the F1-75’s kindness to the tires that was crucial over the long GP, allowing drivers to set a more flexible strategy and better manage the speed gap after a pit stop. Thus Leclerc managed to pass Verstappen three times on the track, while Sainz saw his power unit ignite as he prepared to overtake the Dutchman at the braking corner in Turn 4. A presentation of the most important races, as well as speed on the Red Bull track in theory. But there’s a new alarm bell about reliability. First of all, it will be understood whether the Sainz problem is comparable with the Leclerc problem in Barcelona and Baku, that is, a turbine breakdown.

access command

Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1
Max Verstappen Red Bull +1: 161
Lewis Hamilton mercedes +38: 227
George Russell mercedes +18: 176
Esteban Ocon Alps +7: 989
Mick Schumacher Hass +8: 029
Lando Norris McLaren +2: 744
Kevin Magnussen Hass +3: 442
Daniel Ricciardo McLaren +4: 817
Fernando Alonso Alps +2: 376

Important moments

take off – Verstappen controls Leclerc, and Sainz must instead defend himself from attacks by Russell and Perez, who clash in turn 4. The Mexican from Red Bull ends the match and finally slides down a slightly damaged bottom.

Round 2/71 – Perez returns to the pit and immediately tries to fit the hard tyres, but he lacks rhythm and after a few laps he has to retire.

Round 9/71 – Verstappen charges quickly with little deterioration on the medium tires, and the weight difference can be felt with a full fuel tank, compared to a Sprint race. Leclerc begins to put pressure on the Dutchman, who is forced to defend strongly.

Round 12/71 – With a great trick when braking in Turn 4, Charles Leclerc slips inward and takes the lead aggressively.

Round 14/71 – Verstappen, in trouble with the tires, decided to stop too soon before Sainz attacked him as well. The Dutchman returns to the track in seventh place.

Round 27/71 – The Ferraris made Leclerc and Sainz pit stop to drive back to Verstappen, but created a strategic advantage in the long run with nearly 20 more first lap laps on the medium tyres before switching to the hard tyres.

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Round 33/71 – With the new tyres, Leclerc goes again to take and then overtake Verstappen, who on this occasion also goes to the pit for a second stop before being attacked by Sainz.

Round 50/71 – Second stop for two Ferraris and shooting condition compared to the first stop: Verstappen is in front, chasing the Reds but they are much faster.

Round 53/71 – Leclerc grabs Verstappen’s speed and overtakes him on exiting Turn 3, for the third time in the race.

Round 58/71 – It is not destined for Sainz to be able to overtake Verstappen on the track: when he prepares to do so on lap 58 to complete Ferrari’s double win, he breaks the engine and is forced to stop the car in flames, not without some difficulty in leaving the car on time in the passenger compartment.

Round 65/71 – The Sainz station, and related virtual safety car, drove Leclerc and Verstappen to do the third stop to install the new medium tyres. The Ferrari driver has a manageable margin of advantage, but he has to face a lot in the end due to a problem with the throttle, which remains open when braking. Calm-blooded maintains an acceptable pace and victoriously wins the Austrian Grand Prix.

Updates follow!

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