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Ukraine, “Stocks of anti-aircraft ammunition are at risk.” Russia bombs Kherson

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there Russia bombed two gatherings in the Kherson region at nightsaid the region’s governor Oleksandr Prokudin in a telegram, as reported in the Kiev Independent. “The bombs just hit the village of Novobereslav in the Preslav region. Enemy fighters also dropped three bombs on the village of Kizomys in the Belozerka region,” Prokudin said. The governor stated that there were no reports of civilian casualties. News of the aerial bombardment followed Prokudin’s announcement on Monday 9 April that Russian forces had bombed the Kherson region 71 times in 24 hours.

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Meanwhile, network Ukraine’s air defense is in danger of being overwhelmed unless it is reinforced soonRead the New York Times. So far, Ukraine’s air defenses have proven surprisingly effective in defending the country against Russian attacks and preventing Russia from gaining control of Ukrainian airspace. However, repeated Russian strikes are depleting Ukraine’s stockpile of weapons, possibly opening the door for Russian planes to harm Ukraine more easily, The New York Times writes.

A recently leaked document revealed that stocks of Soviet-era S-300 and Buk air defense missiles, Ukraine’s most important air defense weapons, were completely depleted between early May and mid-April. The document was released on February 28, and it is unclear if the assessment has changed.

After the release of the Pentagon Papers, theUkraine had to change some of its military plansA source close to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN. The documents are part of a series of US and NATO intelligence documents that have been leaked over the past two months.

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The leaked documents, whose provenance remains anonymous, offer a grim assessment of the power of Russia’s war machine. But the information also indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in dire straits.

While Ukrainian officials have dismissed the documents as “forged”, American officials have confirmed to The New York Times and CNN that the documents are legitimate, though some appear to have been tampered with.

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