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Field Hockey, It’s a Party: Potenza Pesina in the A1 Series

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Triumph – Handing out Federal Medals and Certificates of Merit to Athletes

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The team with the cup

Taking advantage of the pause for various competitions, the A1 Field Hockey Promotion Cup was handed over to the local senior men’s team in the main room of the Hockey Village in Potenza Pesina. After a festive dinner organized by the girls of the women’s team, the personal distribution of federal medals and certificates of merit donated by the municipality of Potenza Pesina continued.

Captain promotion and trophy a1-field-hockey-strength-picena-325x217President Linardelli thanked the players, managers, fans and everyone who contributed to this historic result, and urged the team to always do their best to face the new A1 Championship with determination last season. Regarding Argentina, striker Gusto Wallinger is one of the heroes, along with goalkeeper Vincenzo Fattoruso (elected the best goalkeeper of the tournament), to pass to A1. During the evening, Alejandro Martinez (Technical Coach) from Potenza presented the management with a thank you plaque from Club Repubblica d’Italia and a book about 100 years of Parana Rolling’s history as a token of thanks for the opportunity. For their players.. The Argentines express themselves and win the Italian field hockey championship. Together with President Linardelli and Vice President Scotia attended in the evening the directors of the company and members of the B-Senior F-Master segments, which shows that the Hockey Potenza Picena is also a beautiful family. Lots of enthusiasm among the boys and a great desire to start over and get back into the game right away in this new challenge.

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