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Insigne-Toronto, Canada’s official announcement today at 3 p.m. Background of phone call with ADL

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Today Toronto formalizes the purchase of Lorenzo Insigne from next July.

Lorenzo Insine He is officially preparing to become the new Toronto footballer. Today will be the official announcement of the Canadian Club at 15 (Italian time). There will be a video conference with President Manning at 5 p.m. Insigne will join Toronto from next July and will remain a member of the Neapolitan until June.

Insigne is certainly satisfied with the salary he receives (net 11.5 million per season), but at the same time he is not very happy as his first choice is to stay in Naples.

There is a background, the December 16 The same Napoli phoned his agent de Laurentis, who was pressured by the captain. The final attempt at reconciliation took place: “Insine wants to stay in Naples, he wants his current engagement to be confirmed without bonuses and he wants to set aside the reason for the riot.”, The essence of the lawyer’s speech. However, De Laurentiis’ response was negative, the offer was 3.5 million and the bonuses were hard to reach. At that time the roads were systematically divided.

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