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Fashion Bonus 2022, application from May 10: new form and instructions

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Fashion Bonus 2022, applicable May 10: The Revenue Agency has updated the form to be used and has provided updated instructions for a tax credit equal to 30 percent of the value of ending inventory, which is above the average of the same value recorded in the three years prior to maturity.

Fashion Reward 2022And Application from May 10 For benefits related to the 2021 tax period: Updated on Model To be used in view of the opening of the new time window to obtain 30% tax credit subordinate Stock closing valuethat exceed the average of the same value recorded in the three years preceding the benefit.

The Innovations were introduced by decree of Sostegni ter It is taken into account Instructions given at the end of April regarding the Covid declaration for state aid.

Companies operating in the textile, fashion, footwear and leather goods sectors so far Deadline June 10 To request benefits under Re-launch decree.

Fashion Bonus 2022, application from May 10: new form and instructions

L ‘Article 48 bis of the legislative decree of May 19, 2020, n. 34 expect A tax credit of 30% of the value of the final inventoryexceeding the average of the same value recorded in three years ago relating to the interest, which can be accessed for both the tax period in progress on the date of entry into force of the provisions referred to in the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 9, 2020 and for tax period 2021.

Window the first time to order In addition to fashion and textiles Closed on November 22, while since then May 10 2022 It is possible to submit New access app related The second round of aid.

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The Decision of the Ministry of Economic Development on July 27, 2021 I specified all operational details to access the facility and Name . Code List eligible to use it.

The Edict of Sostegni III It was approved last January Available resources for 2022 Bringing them to 250 million and expanding their reach Audience of potential beneficiaries.

In addition to the activities referred to in MISE Executive DecreeTherefore, they can apply for Bonus 2022 Also companies operating in Trade in textiles, fashion, shoes and leather products Those who carry out activities defined by the following codes for the classification of economic activities People 2007: 47.51, 47.71, 47.72.

To do this you need to use Form updated to May 6 provided by the Revenue Agency.

Contact must be submitted electronically Directly by the beneficiary or through the person responsible for the transmission of the proceeds through the telematic channels of the revenue agency, in compliance with the requirements established by the technical specifications.

Revenue Agency – Fashion Reward Application Form 2022
Reporting the increase in the value of final stocks

Warehouse in the textiles, fashion and accessories sector

Fashion Awards 2022, apply by June 10 deadline: news about companies and resources awarded

there new copy It was also placed in light of the approval of the self-declaration form on Covid State Aid.

We read on the company’s website:

“In particular, the self-declaration in the first version of the Communication has been replaced by a very simplified self-declaration whose purpose is to comply only with the requirements set forth in Section 3.1 of the TF. Therefore, the self-declaration contained in the updated version of the Communication no longer has the effect of a “substitute” for advertising. general self (which must be performed using the recently approved specific form)”.

Among others Changes applied In the The original version of the model To be used in presenting Application for the 2022 Fashion Award Some fields have also been entered to indicate the amount that the beneficiary intends to repay, by reducing the amount, if state aid is used for the so-called awning system More than Ceilings Provided.

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as stated in Instructions to followin addition to specifying ATECO . Code From the activities that have been implemented that allow you to request Tax Credit for Inventory ListsYou must also provide the following data:

  • The Stock closing value referred to inart. 92, paragraph 1, of TUIR Registered in the 2021 tax period for Fashion Bonus 2022;
  • there Average value of final inventory registered in the three tax periods preceding the vesting period;
  • The tax credit valuewhich is 30 percent of the difference between the amount specified in the field Final Inventories And the amount shown in the field Average value of closing stocks.

The Revenue Agency warns:

“Persons who have not yet closed the tax period attributable to the benefit on the date of filing of the communication shall in any case proceed to the calculation and indication of the tax credit due, based on the The closing stock expected to be recorded for that tax period, in order to obtain recognition of the merits. In this case, the tax credit will in no way be usable in the tax period following the vesting period.”.

As happened to the 2021 Fashion Awards, Revenue Agency After the deadline on June 10 To apply, fees will be announced Percentage of credits that are actually usable Based on requests received and available resources.

in the first round, Benefit Scope has been reduced 30 to 19, 28 percent. 95 million euros were not enough to meet the requirements of all companies.

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This time there are available 250 million eurosbut also a broader audience of potential beneficiaries Fashion Reward 2022.

Revenue Agency – Instructions for Completing Communication on Increase in Final Stock Value in the Textiles, Fashion and Accessories Sector
Instructions updated as of May 6, 2022

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