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ATMs, fines of 30 euros on the way: this is it

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By June you should arrive in Italy 45 lenses subordinate bannerThe National Recovery and Resilience Plan that provides access to funds earmarked with the EU’s Next Generation, the EU’s project to deal with the economic crisis that followed the Covid pandemic. To meet all the requirements, the government has drafted a new decree covering a wide range of topics in 41 points. The document also envisages a new destination for the saved Pnrr funds, which are nonetheless set to remain within the same global target.

What does the new Pnrr 2 decree say about tax evasion and unauthorized work

Among the various points is the battle againstevasion and all work black. The measures provide for the creation of an unannounced national portal which will share the databases of INPS, INAIL and the National Labor Inspectorate, making investigations more flexible. The exemptions for electronic billing and electronic billing transfer were then eliminated.

But the verdict destined to spark further discussion is certainly the fines that will be left to many merchants and professionals due to digital payments. It needs to be adapted over the next few years two monthsConsidering that the decree has hastened the era.

€30 fine for refused debit and credit card payments

Within the Pnrr Decree 2 there are actually some financial penalties for all merchants, companies and the self-employed – including, among others, doctors and those who provide transportation services, and therefore taxi drivers – who do not accept Payments by debit and credit cards.

The commitment to have a POS terminal is already made in 2014, but so far no penalties have been placed on non-compliant parties. Tentatively scheduled for January 1, 2023, starting from June 30, 2022. For not accepting digital payment in any amount, therefore, from this summer, there will be fines from €30 Plus an additional cost 4% of the value of the rejected transaction.

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It is not yet clear who will deal with the sanctions. According to what has appeared so far, it should be client to warn police To check it out illegal Before declining to pay with a credit card or debit card. Precisely for this reason, there are strong doubts about the effectiveness of this system in combating the use of cash and evasion.

On the other hand, tax authorities will conduct checks cunning that does not emit receipt Even with payment made via point of sale. The daily collections generated by the use of the cards will be sent directly to the Revenue Agency, which will pass the data with those of the cash registers. If the receipts show lower numbers than the receipts, the fines will be triggered.

We were expecting to enter Fine for merchants who refuse payments with POS in this article And In this tax authorities pressure on the issue of tax evasion stipulated in Decree Pnrr 2. On the subject of payment cards, we have made it clear to you Here are the cases where compensation is due if ATMs are banned.

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