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Fan has created an iOS app to help keep track of tasks –

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fan of elden ring phaseiOS appaim at – aim at Mission Tracking of the game, in order to break down one of the game’s biggest barriers in terms of accessibility. In fact, it is not easy to remember all the objectives to be pursued in Elden Ring, because they are many and scattered throughout the huge map.

The app is called broken ring It was created by Dachary Carey. It costs $2.99 ​​and appears to be a huge hit, ranking first in the “Entertainment” category. It is clear that many feel the need to get help to face the difficult title FromSoftware.

The official Shattered Ring website describes the app as “the Elden Ring mission tracker you didn’t know you needed.” Practically speaking, the program takes care of keeping track of the locations of the most important NPCs, the most relevant places and the tasks to be performed.

So just take notes by hand and long live the technology that comes to our rescue. Shattered Ring also allows you to keep track of several games at the same time and can be used with other RPGs.

In an interview with VGC, Curry stated that he’s not a programmer, but wanted to solve what he considers a huge access problem, especially for a player who isn’t as inexperienced as he is. Indeed, those who do not have a good memory will find its application necessary.

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