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Disney +, all movies will be broadcast in January 2022

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Having conquered cinemas all over the world, Eternals arrives for all Disney + subscribers, giving Marvel fans the chance to get it back. On the other hand, if titles for superheroes aren’t for you, it’s exciting jojo rabbit From Taika Waititi It could be yours and if you haven’t seen it already then we advise you to give it a shot because you won’t regret it. Finally, if you want a true story National Geographic He has what works for you, and offers an incredible account of the difficulties hospitals faced in the early months of the pandemic. the 2022 It starts again under the banner of the great exclusivities of the present, but also under the banner of the most famous titles of the past.

Eternal (January 12, 2022)

If you miss us Eternals review This is definitely the time to get her back, given that the movie was directed by Chloe Chow It’ll be available on Disney+ from January, and you’ll have no more excuses. The director, after the bust won thanks Bedouinbring us here An epic tale steeped in important themesBut we’re also seeing a journey that doesn’t abandon the typical Marvel movie comic streak, bringing back a mix that has convinced us in many ways.

In the cast eternity ready Gemma Chan (Cersei), Richard Madden (Ikaris), Kamil Nanjiani (Kingo), Leah McHugh (Sprite), Don Lee (Gilgamesh), Kit Harrington (Dane Whitman), Salma Hayek (calls); e Angelina Jolie like thena.

JoJo Rabbit (January 21, 2022)

genius Taika Waititi Returns to the fore in the move jojo rabbit, a film that is able to combine the typical comedy of a director with the drama that has marked history, making it appear A plot capable of stimulating and making people think. As we wrote in Jojo Rabbit . Review This is a surprising feat that captured both audiences and critics when it was released, and now thanks to Disney+ you can get it back.

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The main story is set in World War II and follows a young German Joe Joe (Roman Griffin DavisWhoever sees his life upside down after discovering his motherScarlett Johansson) hides a young Jewish woman (Thomassen Mackenzie) in the attic. imaginary friend Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi) will advise him in moments of hesitation, but Jojo will soon understand that the horrors and contradictions are hidden under Nazi propaganda which will prompt him to re-evaluate his ideas.

First wave (21 Jan 2022)

Brand new product National Geographic Which takes us through the corridors of one of the New York hospitals hardest hit in the early months of the pandemic, and gives us first-hand testimony about The massive impact of COVID-19 on the hospital system.

A difficult experience in which we see health workers fighting against a hitherto unknown enemy, which makes us understand what patients and health workers had to go through in that period. A challenging and modern story, but it also leaves A message of hope and humanityHoping that certain moments will remain just a memory.

All other movies coming to Disney+ in January 2022

Antlers – Insatiable Spirit (January 5, 2022)
Based on the story quiet boy Antosca, Centuries It is a horror/thriller movie that will take you to Oregon, where the teacher is Julia Meadows (Keri Russell) discovers a shocking secret about Lucas Weaver (Jeremy T ThomasOne of his students. In fact, the boy is hiding a dark reality he has kept in the shadows for some time which now seems ready to emerge and endanger the entire city. In production we find Guillermo del ToroAnd David S. Gower e J. Miles DaleFor a movie that promises to give an atmosphere full of tension.

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Full Monty – Organized Muasher (January 7, 2022)
1997 British film directed by Peter Cattaneo managed to beat it Multiple Oscar nominations, and finally winning the statuette for best soundtrack. see main story Gas (Robert Carlyle) e Dave (Mark AddyDetermined to live for the day due to the crisis that has gripped the world of work, and to get out of this situation they decided to improvise a number of strippers to raise as much money as possible with other friends. At first, not everything seems to go according to plan, but soon it will be hotter than ever, in a title that knows how to entertain and engage.

The Other Side of Planet of the Apes (January 7, 2022)
continuation planet of the apes 1968 sees an astronaut John Brent (James Francis) struggles with a space expedition to track down lost commander Taylor, and by following his paths he will end up in nothing but Earth 3955, controlled by conscious monkeys who enslaved humanity after wars and famines. This sequel hasn’t received the same welcome as its predecessor, but it remains a story that despite the years and some glitches still shows some interesting ideas.

Pearl Harbor (Jan 14, 2022)
Released in 2001, Pearl Harbor It was an affirmation of talent Michael Bay In shooting movies at an amazing rate, directing a story despite all limits He was amazed by the amazing special effects and the way the most exciting scenes were filmed. A large crew and an excellent budget allowed Pearl Harbor to win over a large part of the audience, in a passionate, adrenaline-filled story.

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Downtown (January 28, 2022)
A policeman has a friend in it Alex Kearney (Anthony Edwards) is a police officer who was recently reassigned to a more dangerous area than the one he was working in, and he will learn about it thanks to the guidance of Dennis Koren (Forest Whitaker). The latter is not very enthusiastic about the new partner, but over time the bond between the two will strengthen, while they will be called to solve a problematic case that will force them to face a challenge that will put them to the test.

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