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Girl having sex live and banned for 7 days, Streamer declares it unfair –

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KimikaTwitch streamer was Banned for seven days for verb live sex. However, the choice of Twitch has led to resentment because according to many it is considered too light. In fact, Jidion6 claims that Twitch is sexist and favourite, stating that it has been banned for life for much less than that.

Gideon 6 It was a Twitch movie that even attacked Pokimane with a “hate raid”. This caused him to be banned for life, although the operator then spoke to Pokimane, solved the problem and even became his friend. Instead, kimmika_ only got 7 days of ban, and nothing could seriously disturb a girl’s career.

Twitch At the moment he has not officially responded yet and is not said to ever do so. Jidion6 has posted a video about this issue, which you can see below.

He is clearly not the only one who has pointed out injustice. on me Twitter There are many who report their dissatisfaction.

It is also reported that a broadcaster, in the past, threatened to enter using arms Inside Twitch HQ it has cost her less than a month of ban.

In general, according to many Twitch is not consistent with their ban It allows some types of signs to get away from them more easily. It’s certainly not a simple platform to work on, as evidenced by what happened to trans singer Kevalis who continues to undergo battering, despite moving home.

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