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Here’s what’s new (video)

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As soon as the new year began, Google did not wait and immediately launched the new Android for cars. Many new features have been included.

With Android Auto Coolwalk Google Raises the bar in an effort to further satisfy users’ needs. Already available on smartphones for those enrolled in the beta program, the American company has released the latest development of what we can know as a real extension of your phone on the car screen. Whether the connection is wireless or via cable, the Android Auto interface will open.

Android Auto (AdobeStock)

It must be said that the software is not new, since it has already been around since version 12. Google chose the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to officially launch the Android Auto interface. On paper, the proper date should have been the summer of last year, but due to some delays we arrived on January 5th.

Google Android Auto 2023, what to expect

The popular search engine and service provider is also keen to point out that the 2023 product focuses on 3 main aspects: mobility, connectivity and multimedia playback.

To help motorists and make the search faster, the company has worked a lot on maps, making them more intuitive and quick to use. This is done in particular by the Material You program, which has already been approved by the manufacturer for Android 12, revised and optimized for Android 13.

With the Quick Launch function, it is also possible to access the most recently opened applications. The new split screen layout can be resized to any size. Designed to be nearly universal, it can accommodate at least 150 million vehicles.

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Among the goodies we highlight the presence of the Google Assistant, which offers suggestions and reminders about missed calls, notifications of arrival time and contacts, and direct access to podcasts and music.

A special tape for music and podcasts is also offered, in order to allow passing from one song to another, rather than from one episode to the next.

Moreover, it will be possible with the new Android Auto Make phone calls via WhatsApp. This opportunity is only available for smartphones at the moment Google Pixel or more recent Samsung.

Sharing a digital car key with other people, which Google launched at the end of last year, will also be expanded to other phone models. In fact, today it is only supported by iPhone and Pixel devices. But soon it can also be used on Samsung.

While according to indications given by the manufacturer of the stars and stripes, Xiaomi users “will be able to use and share digital car keys by the end of 2023.

So far, this functionality is exclusive to BMW, but expansion is planned.

Android Automotive, what are the new functions

Rather, those who have Android Automotive and therefore own cars Polestar, GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Volvo and RenaultIt will have additional benefits. As for the system, they will be combined Google Maps, Google Assistant and other Google Play apps It can be used directly on the device screen, without the need to connect the mobile phone. Apparently, soon these users will also be able to take advantage of the YouTube app.

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Among the innovations introduced by Google and presented at CES is also the Waze app, now available on select Renault models, and later expanded to Android Automotive Services-enabled vehicles.

manufacturers that they use Google Automotive Service will be able to equip their cars with HD maps. Among those Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3.

The newly released update provides “Detailed road references, such as obstacles or road signsA kind of help from Google for those who design self-driving cars of the future, rather than decorate them with driving assistance.

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