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Hockey: Sports Judge’s Axe in Ingas and Montebello

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Fines and disqualification after the return match are in effect for the preliminary playoffs

Vercelli (29.04.2022 – 19.23) – Fines and disqualifications after the match between Ingas Vercelli and Montebello, in effect as the preliminary second leg of the hockey rink qualifiers, which took place last Saturday, April 24, in Pala Prignolato. Nice match that allowed Vercelli to remove the pass from the Scudetto qualifiers. The match was also played, perhaps too much for the Wesser Sports Club judge, Gregorio StanissiYesterday, Thursday, April 27th, it hit both Ingas and Montebello hard. Fines and suspensions arrived at Vercelli’s home.

Fines and Disqualifications ENGAS VERCELLI

In detail as stated in the official press release (No. 80 dated 27/04/2022):

  • 200 euro fine: Asd Hockey Vercelli for an absolutely non-cooperative and sometimes completely absent attitude of the host club managers who were repeatedly urged by the referees during the match for the intervention of the relevant personnel to clean the playing field which was due to the condensation and sweat of the athletes in need of maintenance;
  • A fine of 600 euros: Asd Hockey Vercelli for the unsportsmanlike behavior assumed by his fans who on several occasions made abusive words towards the opposing team’s cardholder Diego Nicoletti But also towards the match officials. Moreover, one of the fans of the home team was trying, fortunately, in vain, to attack a player of the opposing club with a megaphone. Do not trust the same company, for the upcoming matches, to take containment measures aimed at stopping the fanaticism of its fans, otherwise, episodes of unsportsmanlike behavior similar to those that occurred during the relevant meeting will be excluded. Other measures are more restrictive. Frequency CU 34/2022 (€600 for presumed unsportsmanlike behavior by their fans who, during a moment of celebration for the visiting team, spit on GS Trisino players)
  • Suspension from any office, appointment for 30 days and fine of €300 a: Elvis Racciobi (Asd Hockey Vercelli) for unsportsmanlike behavior after making offensive rulings against match officials and for entering the rink without a permit (bench area) to celebrate the team’s victory.
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Fines and Disqualifications in Montpellier

At Montebello’s house, on the other hand, the following rulings arrived at the sports judge:

  • Suspension from any office, appointment for 15 days and a fine of €150 to: Gabriel Ezel (Asd Montebello Hockey and Skating) for unsportsmanlike behavior because at the end of the match he approached the seats without permission and then, as soon as he reached the locker room, hit the soap dispenser for no reason, destroying it;
  • 4 days of ineligibility and a fine of 450 euros a: Frieza Coral Juan (Asd Montebello Hockey E Skating) for unsportsmanlike behavior after approaching a UdG gallop Swearing insults. Moreover, following the expulsion order, the aforementioned UdG threatened to hit him with a stick in the face. In the area in front of the locker room, he persevered with his offensive and intimidating behavior, continued to utter offensive phrases and on the occasion caught UdG Galoppi’s attention by hitting him twice on the shoulder with his hand in a non-violent manner. road.

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