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Exclusion of Russia from the next G-20? Draghi’s response unleashes Putin’s anger – Corriere.it

Exclusion of Russia from the next G-20?  Draghi’s response unleashes Putin’s anger – Corriere.it
From Marco Gallozo

The Prime Minister talks about the position of the Indonesians who will host the summit. He cites a proverb (“When the elephants struggle, the grass suffers”) to demand more participation

from our reporter

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Moral vertex With a program also conditional by the Kremlin, according to timing Missiles fired at Ukraineshaped in the words of Mario Draghi at the end of the works. Remember the prime minister as an African, back in the ’80s, it was in vogue when I was at the World Bank. It is simple, but perfectly in line with the geopolitical and international situation: «He said that When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”.

At the conclusion of the G7 He also participated in the so-called “small” countries.: From Argentina to South Africa, from Indonesia to Senegal, all the way to India. And everyone is keen on the prime minister to comment, They have a “fairly neutral” attitude to the war, but also because so far “they have not been approached”. Instead, the discussion revealed that “they want to participate.” The teaching of the proverb can be interpreted as follows, Draghi concludes: “If nations feel the grass, they suffer, and it is difficult to ask them to participate.”

You can participate in Sanctions that have not yet been appliedto the resolutions of the United Nations that must be shared (perhaps to the imminent decision on wheat and the unblocking of the Odessa port), to the choice today more than ever – continues Draghi -” Defending democracies and alienating authoritarian regimesThat’s why you can’t emerge as a winner if you aren’t aware of ‘that We in the G7 are also the most important, powerful and richest international forum, but we are a minorityIn terms of population and opinion. And the war, which also lies between different visions of the world and the future, cannot be won if the smallest actors do not participate, to the point of “making them participate in the key moments”.

In this particular case, it is up to Indonesia to feel the crush of elephants. The President who will host October also arrived at Bavaria Castle The G-20 will have a lot of trouble: reconciling the existence of Russia with the presence of other countries. An issue so sensitive, that Draghi’s words provoke the immediate and alarming reaction from the Kremlin. As for our Prime Minister “President Widodo rules him out, he’s been categorical with us”, Putin “will not come, maybe he will intervene from a distance.” For the Russians, “It’s not up to Draghi to decide. Perhaps he forgot that he is no longer chairman of the G20, Putin’s invitation was received and accepted. ” While Ambassador Sergey Razov remains on the path of provocation: “Most Italian companies, despite the pressures, continue to work in the Russian market.”

In the words of the prime minister, his days in Germany hit the targets by no means. He was very keen on strengthening his file Approaching a gas price cap: succeeded, the European Commission will take a faster step in working on a proposal, even the G7 energy ministers will urgently study effective mechanisms to put a cap on the prices of all Russian fuels.

And no harm if “we are unable to foresee the duration of the war”, and even if there are legitimate “fears” for the Americans to advance on Moscow Square, What is important for Draghi is that the “heavy and permanent costs” imposed by the West on the Russian economy do not stop, and what is important is that “the sanctions continue as long as necessary.”. In addition to the financial and military assistance promised by the seven commanders located in Elmau Zelensky.

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