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Iran Photo of the minister and his girlfriend without a headscarf infuriates: “fanatics and hypocrites” –

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It dates back to 2011, but on social media, a picture of Iran’s Minister of Transport on vacation with his partner bareheaded has spread in the past few hours: unacceptable double standards

Palm trees in the background. On the right, a woman from behind covered in a veil in shades of brown is about to take a picture. to the left, A man in a gray jacket next to another woman without a headscarf smiling looking at the camera. It would be nothing strange if Iran’s Minister of Transport, the general chosen by President Raisi, the former Pasdaran and former oil minister from 2011 to 2013, were not a big supporter of the theocratic dictatorship of spiritual guidance. Khamenei.
The photo dates back to 2011, when the couple traveled to Malaysia. But the photo on Twitter started spreading a few hours ago, sparking indignation For many, many users. They write fanatics hypocrites. Heading directly to this point is the Iranian journalist-activist Masih Alinejad, who has since the beginning of the protests over the killing of Muhammad Ali Nejad. maha amini He publishes on social media what is happening in his country: women come She was killed in Iran for not wearing a headscarf
But watch as the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards and current Minister of Transport, Rostam Qasemi, is enjoying freedom with his unveiled girlfriend in Malaysia. The hypocritical regime kills teenage girls for walking in the streets without headscarves.

Double standards are not acceptable Especially in these times when the Iranian authorities are forcibly repressing, shooting and hurling tear gas at a crowd of protesters who have been setting the country on fire for more than six weeks. The authorities have killed, injured and disappeared dozens of girls and boys who meet every day in the streets since the death of Amini, the 22-year-old girl who was killed by the morality police because of a lock of hair that came out of her veil. Of everything, Iran demands freedom.
On Twitter, another user writes about the viral photo: Remember:
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
They are a class of their own. Although they are the most ardent supportersAyatollahMany send their children to the best Western universities, indulge in the luxuries of Western consumption and adopt the Western way of life. They are the greatest hypocrites.

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Meanwhile, the Iranian human rights NGO is assessing the victims of the past 46 days: more than 253 people were killed, including 34 children.

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