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The state of the horrific news being reported in New Zealand

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On August 11, a family from Auckland, northern New Zealand, reported finding human remains in two suitcases they bought at an online auction along with other items stored in an abandoned box in a city warehouse. New Zealand police said, Thursday, that the remains belong to two children, who at the time of his death could have been between five and 10 years old. Investigations are currently underway to identify the bodies and aInvestigation into a murder.

The case is talked about a lot in New Zealand newspapers, but the story has been picked up widely abroad.

Oakland police checked the box containing the items sold at the auction and the family home they had bought all together, except that they were implicated in the deaths of the children. How He explained In a press conference for Inspector Tufilao Famanuya Vailua who follows the case, the investigations are rather complicated “especially if we take into account the time that elapsed between the moment of death and the discovery” of the bodies.

Based on preliminary analyzes, it appears that the children died long ago and their bodies were stored in suitcases inside the kindergarten for at least three to four years, Valois said. Currently, in addition to DNA tests, analyzes are being carried out on other objects in the box to try to obtain details of the children’s parents and to try to reconstruct the circumstances of their deaths.

The police are also analyzing photos video surveillance From the deposit, but it is possible that nothing useful will appear since the box has been abandoned for some time and after a certain period the photos are deleted.

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Vaaelua did not specify whether the police had contacted the owner for whom the fund was registered: but he said the investigations are progressing thanks to the help of the company that runs the warehouse. He also added that New Zealand police are cooperating with Interpol, the international criminal police organization: According to the first reconstructions, relatives of the dead children are believed to be in New Zealand.

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