September 27, 2023

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Serie C – Serie A Calcio: “Incrotati but determined: Mantova in Novara to get the three points”

Serie C – Serie A Calcio: “Incrotati but determined: Mantova in Novara to get the three points”
Nicholas Current

Mantua «I do not think that the championship will be decided in the next two months. But I am convinced that it will already be taken up in January. And we are aware of that.” The words and music of Nicolas Corente on the eve of Novara Mantova, the first match of 2023 that everyone in the red and white house awaits as a turning point. It is another reason to start strong immediately, in the wake of the sensational victory over Sangiuliano that closed 2022. «It was “It’s a key game – remembers the Acm coach -. So far we haven’t had two injuries in a row. It’s a goal we’ve been setting ourselves for a while and I hope we can achieve it at Novara. We know it’s going to be difficult, but as I always say, in one-off matches you can beat anyone.” ».
It is certain that Mantova, who will take to the field tomorrow in “Piola”, will have little to do with the first leg matches. «We have changed in our beliefs and knowledge – confirms Cornet -. At first we were lighter from different points of view, now the team has become more aware and tangible. But we still have to work hard to improve it. The boys put in high-level performances and got the points they needed. But the ranking says we’re only one point away from the extremes. This means that we must definitely try to win in Novara.”
It seems that the opponent has lost the freshness of the first leg, but Corinth does not trust him: «I think he has clear characteristics, in the strength and quality of the players. In my opinion, he has high values, comparable to teams like FeralpiSalò, Pordenone and Vicenza ». Of course, the red and white trainer will have to deal with another unknown factor: the emergency situation. “Actually – he admits – I was counting on getting some players back during the break. Instead, we will serve some heavy absences, and one of them will not be at his best. We will have to grit our teeth and give more team performance ».
January, in addition to being a very indicative month for the outcome of the championship, is also the month of the transfer market. “Let’s also say that it was a very unpleasant month – confirms Cornet – both for us as coaches and for the players themselves. Because things can change overnight. I told the boys about this. If anyone has any doubts, I am available: I will always treat them with great sincerity and devotion, knowing that as long as they wear the Mantua shirt, they must give everything for it. Having said that, we know we need new energy and the company is working on it. The faster we can settle in, the greater the benefits.” Meanwhile, he turned to Novara: «We are in a position to win – concludes the coach -. let’s try.