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Telepass, prices go up: how much and why

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Telepass: A new sting is on the way. The company has announced a unilateral modification of the contract, with the increases that will affect subscribers at two historical rates that change for the first time since 1997. Let’s see in detail all the news.

For the first time in 25 years Telepass prices change.

The Rising pricesIt stands to reason that consumer associations did not like it, speaking of an unexpected bite in the face of ever-increasing highway costs.

Let’s see how much the increase is and why.

Telepass: what increases?

telepass-toll kiosk

Starting next month from July Fees will increase by:

  • Telepass familyWith 0.57 € per month increasewhich ranges from 1.26 to 1.83 euros;
  • double choiceWith An increase of 0.28 euros per monthwhich goes from 2.10 to 2.38.

In simple terms, a device that allows you to pay automatically at highway toll booths will cost more than 45%.

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Telepass family In addition to paying tolls on the highway, it also allows parking in affiliated parking lots and access to some areas of the city even without the device on board, with the license plate checked.

L ‘double choiceInstead, it allows you to take advantage of all the services included in the Telepass Family, by adding a second device to the subscription, allowing you to connect two more cars and activate roadside assistance in Italy.

Telepass increases tariffs: feedback

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company paidincrease in customs duties With the gradual change in the technological, market and organizational context in which it operates, which has caused a significant increase in service costs and made it necessary to resort to new investments.

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It is clear that the reactions of consumer associations were negative. Dennis NiskyThe national president of the Udicon Consumer Advocacy Association was highly critical of Telepass’s decision:

The increases in the price of energy, fuel, and raw materials, and the increases in production and distribution costs that hit the pockets of Italians, were not enough. This is an unmotivated and immoral decision, given that this historical period is particularly difficult for Italians.

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