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Europe is red. The spread of infection, the increase of countries with vaccination obligations

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The spread of COVID-19 in Europe

“The epidemiological situation in Europe is still very worrying due to the spread of the delta type of Covid. We are in the middle of the fourth wave, and the combination of high vaccination rates and preventive measures is the only way out.” This was stated by Marco Cavalieri, Head of Emma Vaccination Strategy. “Given the suspicions about Omicron, in addition to the already serious situation, we must take precautionary measures now.” And alarm triggered instead ofEcdc, He. She The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, in the face of the epidemic situation that is erupting again in Europe, is making experts worried again. “Urgent action is needed to help us keep transmission low, ease the heavy burden on health systems, and keep people at risk during the upcoming holiday season, as contacts between groups of people increase.”

It is clear that Europe is the epicenter of the new explosion of Covid cases. data at hand, Although hospitalization and intensive care has fallen Compared to last year, thanks to vaccinations, infections have reached record numbers, so much so that in some cases the curves have exceeded those of a year ago. In November on the continent was registered 60 percent of new infections are worldwide.

The seriousness of the situation is illustrated above all in the chart published by ECDC onThe rate of injuries recorded in the past two weeks per 100,000 inhabitants around the world. Compared to the rest of the countries dyed in yellow or orange, Europe is a darker red stain.


The spread of COVID-19 in Europe

To stem the rapid growth of cases, after Austria, Germany, Greece and the Czech Republic, other countries are also considering mandatory forms of vaccination.

“in a Great Britain “There could be about a million omicron cases within a month,” Health Minister Sajid Javid said. Talking to Sky News. “Compared to this new variant, our strategy has been to buy time to evaluate it and also build protective defences,” he said, explaining that in the past few days we have begun to learn more about the variant, which “is spreading very quickly, faster than any other Covid supplement we’ve seen so far.” However, Javid once again ruled out the introduction of mandatory vaccination in Great Britain: “It is morally wrong and it will not work,” he said.

The Germany records More than 70,000 new infections of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. The Robert Koch Institute Bulletin reported 70,611 cases and 465 more deaths. Meanwhile, the new chancellor, Olaf Schultz, has chosen as health minister the epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach, who will among other things have to end the obligation to vaccinate against Covid for all health workers, including helping the elderly, and evaluate the premise of an extended duty for all citizens.

also in Italy, Currently, vaccination requirements for all adults have not yet been discussed. over there Good vaccination coverage It helped us slow down the growth of infections, and it is possible that the third doses, the pediatric dose and above all, the super green lane (reserved for vaccination or recuperated), which came into effect on Monday 6 December, will be enough to reverse the curve.

also in Spain There is an acceleration in Covid cases, which have been growing back exponentially since last October. After the green light from the Public Health Commission, the country is preparing to expand the immunization procedure for children aged 5 to 11 years. Vaccination in Spain remain voluntary But at least five districts are calling for it to be mandatory for all workers who care for vulnerable people, such as health care workers and nursing home employees.

L ‘AustriaIn terms of vaccination commitment, he led the way in Europe, deciding to offer it to everyone from February 1, 2022. Depending on the bill being formed, no fax will receive an invitation every three months from the Ministry of Health to be vaccinated and, in the event of non-compliance, every time A fine of 600 euros is imposed, which becomes a large fine of 3,600 euros for those who do not pay it within the applicable conditions. Children under 14, pregnant women, those who have recovered for less than 180 days, and others who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempted from this obligation. Women who have given birth and boys who are 14 years old have one month to receive the first dose.

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in a Swiss NSthe occurrence of infections Within 14 days, the number was 1,269.8 per 100,000 residents, a positive rate of about 16 percent. 66.11 percent of the population was fully vaccinated. Faced with the epidemiological situation, the Swiss government has decided to provide the cantons with up to 2,500 soldiers who will be able to provide support to hospitals in the treatment and transportation of patients, as well as in vaccination. At the moment, however, there is no question of vaccination obligation.

The Belgium, which suffered from the first wave of Covid infections among the most intense in Europe, has Registered more than 78 thousand Daily Covid-19 infections in the past seven days and 284 deaths in a population of 11 million. The situation of prisoners is serious and has been steadily increasing since October. The government did it Vaccinations are mandatory For all healthcare professionals starting January 1st. Those who have not received the vaccination will receive a notice of suspension of their contract, unless they can present a Covid refund certificate or negative swabs. There was no shortage of protests over this decision in the country. Several thousand health workers protested on Tuesday 7 December in Brussels, not only to oppose the obligation, but also to demand better working conditions.

in a Poland For health professionals, educators and law enforcement agencies Vaccination will be mandatory As of March 1, 2022. With more than 28,000 cases and 591 deaths in the last 24 hours alone, the country is among the hardest hit by the new pandemic wave, and now the authorities fear that the new variant of Omicron could lead to another increase in injuries. “There are no indications of a clear downward trend, and there is a risk of an omicron mutation emerging,” Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky told a news conference. “Those two factors require us to take decisive action.” Poland has yet to report any cases of the Omicron variant, but Niedzielski said the maximum number of people allowed in public places such as restaurants and cinemas would be reduced from 50 to 30 percent. Businesses will be required to check customers’ Covid testimonials, while nightclubs will be closed from December 15, including New Year’s Eve.

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in countriesEastern EuropeFinally, there is still no talk of a generalized vaccination commitment In this area Casualties indicate record numbers. Six states still have an overall vaccination rate of less than 55% (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia). Groups or pockets of countries or regions that are less fortified pose a risk to the EU as a whole. It gives breath to the more dangerous and transmissible variants. I cannot stress enough the urgency of vaccination, European Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said, urging “urgent and coordinated action” beginning with vaccines to “respond quickly to the changing situation” that she considers “difficult”.

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