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Putin to Mothers of Russian Soldiers: Your Children Are Heroes

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“For those of you who have kids in a combat zone, Mother’s Day is associated with feeling anxious and worried.” Russian President Vladimir Putin said this when he met a delegation of mothers of soldiers participating in the military operation in Ukraine, reports the Novosti news agency. The meeting took place on the eve of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Russia tomorrow.

Select Putin Soldiers “heroes” are fighting in UkraineA, during a meeting held today with a delegation of their mothers. Putin also expressed his condolences to the mothers of those killed, saying, “We share the pain for those who lost a child,” he said. Then he called the mothers to Don’t believe all the fake news, hoaxes and lies“It has spread through the Internet,” Putin said. There are many information attacks “because” information is also a combat weapon “has become more effective with modern technologies.

Russia excludes the possibility of Ukraine regaining Crimea. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoting TASS, in response to what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

An official with the International Committee for Missing Persons (ICMP) has announced that more than 15,000 people have disappeared in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, the Reuters news agency reported on its website. It is not clear at the moment how many people have been forcibly displaced or detained in Russia, are still alive and separated from their families, or are dead.

In any case, Holiday added, the search for missing persons will take years, even after the fighting ends, stressing that the figure of 15,000 is conservative given that in the coastal city of Mariupol alone, the authorities estimate up to 25,000 dead and missing. . “The numbers are huge and the challenges facing Ukraine are enormous,” Holiday said.

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50% of homes in Kyiv are still without electricity, water has been restored everywhere while a third of homes in Kyiv are now reached by heating. This is the point of the position in the capital this morning made by the city’s mayor Vitali Klitschko, which was taken up by Ukrainska Pravda. As for mobile communications, the operation of the networks of all mobile operators depends on the power supply. During the day, it is planned to supply electricity to all consumers in turn for 3 hours.

Meanwhile, Russian shelling continues on the city of Zaporizhye, where a hospital was damaged last night in a missile attack, as reported by the region’s governor, Oleksandr Starukh, on Telegram. “The enemy again attacked the outskirts of Zaporizhye. This time the missiles landed near the hospital. Fortunately people were not injured, but the same cannot be said about the building. Dozens of windows were shattered,” Starukh said.

The death toll rose to seven after the Russian bombing yesterday on Kherson. This was announced by the governor of the region Yaroslav Janusevich. About 20 wounded
In the southern Ukrainian city it is back under Kyiv’s control, but the Russians have resumed attacking them with artillery and multiple rocket launchers from the opposite bank of the Dnieper River, it has been reported.

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