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EU Court: Poland does not respect the independence of judges. He will have to pay a million dollars a day in fines

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The Poland You will have to pay one fine Million from the euro Daily for the European Commission. This was decided by the Court of Justice of the European Union, which blames a Warsaw Do not suspend an application National provisions relating in particular to the competencies of the disciplinary chamber of Supreme court. This is what the court itself declared. “Compliance with the interim measures ordered by the Court of the European Union on 14 July 2021,” the note states, “is necessary to avoid serious and irreparable harm to the European Union’s legal system as well as to the values ​​in which the Union was founded, in particular the rule of law.”

Polish Prime Minister Matthew Moraveki He said last week in the European Parliament that the disciplinary section – charged with overseeing the activities of the Supreme Court, and therefore accused of limiting the activity of judges – would be abolished, but it remains active. And it was the same commission, last September, that asked the EU court to impose financial sanctions on the country. Brussels He also sent a letter of official notice to Warsaw urging it to comply with the July 15 ruling on the disciplinary system for judges. Judicial systems should be across the European Union independent and honest. The rights of EU citizens must be guaranteed in the same way, wherever they reside in the EU,” the president said. Ursula von der LeyenCommenting on my decision the rule of law.

This fine is in addition to the previous fine of €500,000 per day Again by the Court of Justice last month: Warsaw will have to pay it to stop mining lignite at the Turów mine, on the borders with Germany and the Czech Republic.

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