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“The team is an institution, here we grew up on bread and hockey”

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Fifthly – “For days we have been talking about the Umbro Sports Foundation.” Aris Tenconi, 45, mayor of Quinto (and thus also of the villages of Ambrì and Piotta) sums up the enthusiasm that pervades Leventina after the insane qualification of Luca Cereda’s pre-qualifiers, with a record return of six consecutive victories. And we’re not just talking about the competitive aspects. exactly the contrary. The mayor himself is referring to this. “Ambrì is also very important for us from a social and economic point of view.”

Quinto municipality has a population of just under a thousand. Hundreds of them are split between Umbro and Biota.
“Our reality is small, great. Across Upper Leventina, kids are already growing up with Ambrì in their DNA. It has always been like this. On a macro level, this team has tremendous strength. It also gives you a very specific identity, it gets into your blood. For example, she grew up on baking and hockey. Especially as a fan. The fact that children have been skating on the rink from an early age inextricably linked them with white and blue ».

What is the economic incentive for the presence of Al-Amiri in the Premier League?
Ambrì represents an incredible economic engine for the entire region. Restaurant owners in the area organize themselves well in advance when they know there are house games. There is also a significant amount of activity induced by food or beverage suppliers.”

Not to mention that the track itself, during matches, needs multiple on-call workers.
“It is often a question of Leventine who has the possibility of a part-time job or additional economic income.”

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What about vacation homes and tourism?
“We are in a marginal region, however, that comes alive thanks to the presence of this team. Ambrì has fans all over Italy and Switzerland. Not only. Many also come from outside Gotthard, for example from the Lucerne region. From a tourist point of view, the team brings a movement Great to the valley ».

Is there any concrete evidence that would make him say this?
“Of course. We are aware of this, for example, when we see the huts light up during the weekends when the team plays at the Gottardo Arena. Or by cars or by overloads that trade ».

The preliminary match against Lausanne begins tonight. prediction?
“The team flies on the wings of enthusiasm. And the masses do the same. There is a lot of anticipation for Sunday’s home game, and I imagine the stands are full. Lausanne is strong but at this point anything is possible.”

Testimony: “We are known all over the world.”
Sonia Ebecher, born in 1951, has been working as a volunteer at the biancoblu store for nearly forty years. I was born with the surname Peter and I am originally from Airolo – she says – but have lived in Ambrì my whole life. For valley residents, HCAP is a very important thing. It is a club known all over the world. Even in Canada or the United States, they wonder how a team can fit in such a small place. Our microcosm arouses a lot of curiosity and therefore sympathy as well. Coaches from Germany or Austria arrive twice a year to support the team. One wonders: why? This uniqueness is what sets us apart and makes us proud.”

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