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“I will no longer run for the presidency” –

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This announcement was made in an interview with the newspaper “Le Figaro”. On April 24, Emmanuel Macron defeated the rally candidate (for the second time) in the Elysee race.

Marine Le Pen will not appear again in the French presidential elections “except for exceptional events”: she said this in an interview with the newspaper “Le Figaro” published on the newspaper’s website. “I think three presidential elections are really a path, which has allowed me to grow our ideas from 18% to 42%. In 10 years, this is good growth, ”explains the leader of the National Rally.

last April 24 Marine Le Pen lost the French presidential election by poll Against Emmanuel Macron: in that case he got 41.4% of the vote. Five years ago, the same scenario stopped but in 2017 the sovereign right’s candidate stopped at 33%. It also entered the Élysée Square in 2012 but was kept out of the polls by Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande (who would have been the winner).

However, the announcement of the French right-wing member does not seem like a prelude to retirement from political activity: Marine Le Pen currently holds the position of a deputy in both the National Assembly and the European Parliament. Although he handed over the office of the party chief to his colleague Jordan Bardella, Le Pen remains the undisputed leader of the camp. In short, the leadership of the assembly is still in his hand and Marine Le Pen will be the most prominent figure in the legislative elections scheduled for France in June: in the new parliament, the right aims to elect at least 60 deputies.

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