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Bolzano passes to Dornbirn, Val Pusteria extends to Linz – OA Sport

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An important week begins in Ice Hockey League 2021-2022. All the teams on the field, as well as the Italians. Bolzano, After a period marked by many ups and downs, try switching to e He wins in Dornbirn. In the other meeting, Val Pusteria manages to get the bestGeely Steinbach Black Wings Lens. So let’s find out in detail what happened on the evening of the Ice Hockey League.

Evening matches

Dornbirn Bulldogs-HCB Südtirol Alperia 3-5: The match was knocked out after 7:51 minutes with the help of Ciampini with the help of Topher. An instant double for the Foxes with Alberga at 17:32 and the first period ends, therefore, 2-0. The owners of the land shortened at 21:32 with Rosica 2-1, but Bernard extended to Bolzano 3-1 at 30:09. Six seconds into the break Dornbirn shortens again with Suhonen for 3-2, then Macierzynski 3-3 up in 43:41, but Plastino at 48:27 decides the match and gives South Tyrol a success. In the final, there is also a time for Findlay 5-3 1 second from the siren.

HC Pustertal Wölfe-Steinbach Black Wings Linz 7-3: At Brunico, Mantinger leads the Wolves after 3:28, then doubles for 8:42 with Hanna. The Austrians answer this at 13:40 with the Rumble cutting 1-2, but at 27:46 they tie with Smith. In the third inning, Val Pusteria put his nose up with Caruso at 40:41, then Harjo at 49:59 with a 4-2 score. The time reached 52:40 and Lepper shortened to 4-3 for the Austrians, but again he was black-yellow in the net with affectionate at 54:22 for 5-3. This is the score that closes accounts, given that at 56:56 Bardaro puts 6-3, so there’s also an affectionate 7-3 time at 59:00.

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Moser Medical Graz99ers-EC GRAND Immo VSV: 4-3

spusu Vienna Capitals-Hydro Fehervar AV 19: 5-2

EC-KAC-HK NW Olympia: 2-3

HC TIWAG Innsbruck – Die Haie-Tesla Orli Znojmo: 3-2

Ice hockey league standings 2021-2022

Credit: Fana Antonello

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