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Godzilla, the King of the Kaiju, unleashes his plasma beam in a devastating new trailer for Minus One

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to Godzilla It’s time to get serious! A few weeks after its release Godzilla minus oneTOHO issued a An exhilarating and devastating new trailer Which will make fans of the hype skyrocket The king of the kaiju.

70 years after the release of the historic first film of the world’s longest film series, We find the creature destroying Japan Which is recovering from the dramatic outcome of World War II. Destroyed buildings, cars thrown like toys, and panic grips the streets as residents try to figure out how to survive.

To make this trailer particularly tense, there’s one scene in particular, which is the scene where the giant starts charging The famous plasma beam. The scales on his back turn blue as he begins to gather the energy needed for a famous force as measured throughout his history on the big screen. Even in the movie Godzilla 2014, which began Legendary MonsterVerse Poised to soon continue in the Monarch series, this moment was filled with pathos and epicness.

The second screening of Godzilla Minus One

To the delight of the Italian fans The second live-action Godzilla film of the Rewa era It will also arrive in Italy! Nexo Digital has announced that the global phenomenon TOHO will arrive in cinemas at the same time around the world, but only for a few days. The dates that should be marked on the calendar are those that expire From 1 to 6 December 2023.

Have you set the date? Are you ready to experience a new devastating invasion of Godzilla? Let us know what you think, as always, in the comments.

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picture: Toho

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