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Field Hockey, A1 Series: Cgr Bonomi qualifies for next year’s Elite Championship

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With today’s 4-2 win over Bologna, Cgr Bonomi An athlete who enters the top four in Group A of the First Division A1 and Qualify for the Elite Championship next year Which, on the basis of the championship reform he wanted in him, stipulated that only eight teams would participate. That is why the Lomellina team confirms its continuous presence since 2010 in the elite of Italian hockey. The second goal of the season was not achieved by the green and white team, but it is now known that the train escaped. Indeed, with the day’s victories away from home, respectively in Padua and against Juvenilia, Bra and Tever are now elusive in the top two, those entering the finals of the tournament. At most, in fact, Bonomi could still tie the Tiber in the rankings, but they would be at a disadvantage due to direct clashes, and they both lost.

Regarding today’s match at Castello Dagonia, the former Misiglia and Blue were the “man of the match” as he scored a hat-trick, while the other scoring is Orson Oro’s signature. Cgr continues to advance after only 3 minutes thanks to a short shot from Missaglia; In the second half, Misaglia was still able to block cross passes on the net within two minutes, at 23′ and 25′. So the two teams go to rest 3-0 Bonomi. The game now looks downhill, but in the last three minutes of the third quarter, Lumilini complicates their lives. Eguizabal takes a yellow card for protests, leaving his teammates at ten, and Bologna takes the opportunity to score two goals with Pugliese. But in the 6th minute of the last period, Orson Oro put things back in order by scoring a 4-2 goal. In the final, Bologna tries everything, but the green and white defense watches carefully without making mistakes.

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