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“Aldo Braibanti is a poet who erases” at Dynamic Art Space • Nove from Florence

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The text was inspired by reading the writings of Franca Pieroni, historian of Florence and Aldo Bribanti, Franca’s affectionate friend. Their deep intellectual and emotional understanding would last a lifetime, until Franca’s early death in 1985. Several letters and poems exchanged by Aldo and Franca, which appear in the theatrical text. Both were heroes of the partisan struggle for the liberation of Florence, working as Gabbians from a very young age, and it was precisely during this that their strong and supportive relationship was born: Franca, researcher of labor movements and working women, Aldo poet and revolutionary, libertarian, scientist, intolerant of dogmas and conventions . At the end of the war, they created a community of young artists and intellectuals, studied Freud, Toller and Kafka, and published new art, poetry and literature with the aim of building a new society emerging from the ruins of fascism and the Second World. war.

However, they discover contradictions within the young party which, instead of being innovative, accepts the social roles and canons of tradition, so much so that in 1967 they remain indifferent to the nine-year sentence for plagiarism suffered by Aldo, guilty of being guilty. Advertise your homosexuality.

Aldo Bribanti is a poet who erases

On stage Kiki Franceschi with actor Lorenzo De Lugier.

Saturday, December 3 at 6 p.m

Dynamic Art Space

Via dei Ramaglianti 10/12

Contacts: Niccolò Raugei 3458779855

[email protected]


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